Alpha's Baby:A Secret Baby Romance(7)

By: Lauren Landish

But then, for some reason or another, Bella and her pretty little mouth and sexy body entered my mind. I imagined that she was the prize I would be winning and that it was her body that I would be ravaging.

A fire grew in my stomach as I imagined my body pressed against hers and ravaging her with passionate kisses. Soon, the fire roiled into a raging inferno and a sudden flood of strength flowed through my weary limbs.

With a roar of confidence, I began pushing back against Jace. My hand, which had been an inch away from the table, rose back up several inches.

In response, Jace pushed back furiously, hoping to slam my hand down onto the table with brutal force. I pushed him back further, our hands falling into the neutral position, and then slowly, I began pushing his hand back toward the table.

The crowd went wild at the turn in events, with many gawking in disbelief at my comeback.

Panic showed in Jace’s eyes as his face twisted with effort. I knew he couldn’t believe it. How could I, after all those matches, possibly have the strength to beat him?

I clenched my teeth, pushing with all the strength I had left in my body. I had to win this. Jace, as hot as he thought he was, wasn’t shit in comparison to me. Beating him would show him that.

“Fuck,” Jace cried, overcome with panic as he frantically tried to regain ground against my determined advance.

Once I heard the panic in his voice, I knew I had him. With cool, determined confidence, I looked him straight in the eye while I pushed him further toward his defeat.

Poor Jace. He tried everything, twisting his body, huffing and puffing, and he even almost cheated by using his other arm for leverage. It all did him no good.

I slammed his hand down against the cool wood a second later. The room around us went absolutely crazy, with many not being able to believe my turnaround victory. I wrenched my hand away from Jace’s and jumped up from the table with my wrist feeling like it had been run over by a semi and my limbs sore and exhausted.

Thanks, Bella, I thought as I exulted in my victory.

Todd came over and clasped me on the shoulder, respect showing in his eyes. “Congrats, Livingston. You are the new top Alpha.”

Around the room, everyone was chattering with each other and eyeing me with that same respect. Several of Jace’s buddies went over to question and comfort him, but he pushed them away, jumped up from the table, and glared at me. His wrist and hand were a bright red and his chest and cheeks were flushed, his body covered in a sheen of sweat. “You’re lucky, Livingston,” he growled at me. “I didn’t eat breakfast this morning.”

I held back a laugh. “Sure,” I said. “A bowl of Wheaties would have made all the difference.”

For a moment, it seemed as if Jace would rush me, and I tensed my body in preparation. But then he turned away, swearing all the while, and left the dorm living room with several of his buddies on his heels.

“He’s never going to live that one down,” Todd said as we watched them leave and several of our frat brothers gathered around to congratulate me on my crazy win.

“Good,” I replied, filled with satisfaction at my victory and my mind on the upcoming prize. “I don’t want him to.”

After all the congratulations and pats on my back, my brothers began to tell me all about the anonymous hot chick I would most likely get to bang from Kappa.

I was assured that she would be a perfect ten and that I would be pleased. I was even told that I would probably become a pussy magnet after I fucked her, with every slut on campus wanting my dick.

I was pleased by all the hype. This would be just what I needed—a bunch of hot chicks that would make me forget about my unhealthy obsession with my stepsister.

Bella will be old news by next week, I thought as I daydreamed about all the girls that'd be fawning over me before the year was over. Hell, I’d work my way through the entire Greek alphabet if I had the chance.

But as I sat there being bombarded with lewd jokes and envious salutations, a small voice at the back of my mind was telling me that nothing could be further from the truth.

Chapter 3


“This costume is so you, Bella!” Hanna cried eagerly, almost hopping up and down.

I wasn’t so sure. I was standing in an adult costume store located several blocks away from NSU with Hanna, trying to choose what I would wear for my upcoming special night.

I eyed the skimpy costume, a two-piece white bra and panties, complete with wings and a halo. I thought it looked ridiculously absurd, some tramp’s version of Halloween five minutes before getting fucked. Oh, wait. I would be getting fucked.

I thought about walking out of the store right then and there. And I would have if I weren’t being courted by the head of Kappa. As it were, I felt obligated to go along with the proceedings or risk being kicked out of my sorority.