Alpha's Baby:A Secret Baby Romance(6)

By: Lauren Landish


I tore myself out of my reverie and shrugged, looking at Todd. “What can I say? I play to win.” I looked around the room in a lazy, cocky manner that I was sure would piss a lot of people off. I’m not always that way, but these guys expected it. “I bet my left nut sack that I can beat anyone here.”

“You sure about that?” asked a deep voice. Jace Randall, dressed in just grey sweats, his chiseled abs on display, stepped into the middle of the room and eyed me with challenge. Jace, a pretty boy with looks that got him into more panties than he could count, was rumored to be the biggest badass in the entire school and was the last contestant I had yet to beat.

Judging by his ripped abs and cut arms, I had finally met a worthy opponent. My body thrummed with excitement as I coolly studied him. I had been anticipating this from the moment I began the challenge, top dog against top dog.

Even though I had only been at NSU a short time, I knew Jace to be a major prick who thought he was better than everyone. Then again, if the cheap ass tin foil trophy on the mantle with his name scribbled on it was to be taken seriously, he had a good reason to think that way.

I also knew that if I defeated Jace, I would become the undisputed alpha of Alpha Gamma.

Nothing would make me happier.

“Yup,” I said in a nonchalant manner that I knew would have Jace’s blood boiling. “Beating you will be like a walk in the park.”

Jace’s jawline bulged as he clenched his jaw and I laughed inwardly. I was already getting under his skin.

“Let’s go,” he growled, heading over to the table and sitting down with a grunt. Jace began flexing his arm and slapping himself on his bicep.

“Sure,” I said with a smile and a wink, walking over to the table with a confident swagger and sitting down. I rolled my shoulders back and shook out my wrists as Jace eyed me with hatred.

Having just participated in a bunch of arm-wrestling matches, my wrists were sore and my arm felt swollen, pumped to the edge of exhaustion. Jace had participated in none since he was the reigning champion, and he would be facing me with full energy.

It wasn’t exactly fair, but that was the point of the game. A true alpha had to prove his strength by defeating a string of his opponents back-to-back.

“Last match,” Todd said, enjoying the silent aggression between us both. He wasn’t a physical type. He was more the mental type, but I liked him anyway. “Whoever wins is top Alpha and wins the prize from Kappa. Ready yourselves.”

Jace and I both placed our right elbows on the table and clasped hands. I noted the strength behind Jace’s grip and begrudgingly admitted to myself that this would not be an easy match.

“You’re dead meat, Livingston,” Jace growled at me with confidence.

I tightened my grip on his hand, letting him know that I wasn’t afraid in the least.

We scowled at each other as the room around us began to clamor with excitement at the upcoming match. Adrenaline rolled through me, and the weariness I felt melted away. I was ready to do this.

“On your mark . . .” said Todd, “set . . . go!”

Immediately, I let out a grunt as the full force of Jace’s strength pressed down against my arm and I lost a few inches to his advance.

The room became loud as our brothers began shouting for which one of us they wanted to win. Most of the shouts were for Jace, since I was the new guy and he was the school’s hotshot, but I didn't let that distract me.

Jace growled, pushing my hand down a little further toward the table. Panic threatened to overwhelm me, but I remained calm. Due to my previous matches, I had less energy than I thought, and the adrenaline that had been pumping through me moments before was fading away, leaving me with fatigue.

Sweat rolled down my jaw as I fought back, my hand inching closer to the table from Jace’s brutal onslaught. Around us, the crowd only roared louder, anticipating my defeat.

Across the table, Jace’s eyes blazed with triumph as he sensed my growing weariness and doubled his efforts to put me down. It was all I could do to stay afloat, twisting my side to keep my hand from slamming into the table, growling and grunting.

I had to hand it to Jace. He was one tough bastard, and I was slowly beginning to realize that even if I hadn’t been tired, he would have been no easy opponent.

As my hand drifted down toward my defeat, I began to wonder if it was worth it. The prize? My name on a tinfoil trophy and some slut from one of the top sororities from NSU who could end up being an absolute dog. I knew it wasn’t beyond a frat like Alpha Gamma to play cruel pranks on new members by dangling a sweet prize in front of their faces and making them go through a ton of work to get it, only to find out it wasn’t worth the effort in the end.