Alpha's Baby:A Secret Baby Romance(3)

By: Lauren Landish

“Thanks,” I mumbled. I still couldn't believe I had just participated in the contest. And even worse, I had lost.

“You should be proud,” Hanna continued. “You defeated eight other girls and nearly beat Veronica, our undefeated champion.”

“She wasn’t even close!” Veronica scoffed, folding her arms across her chest. “And you know it.”

“She came closer than any girl ever has to beating you,” Hanna pointed out. “You have to admit that.”

Veronica rolled her eyes. “Whatever you say.”

“Isn’t it time to choose the Sacrifice now?” one of the sorority sisters asked Hanna with breathless excitement.

I quirked an eyebrow in confusion. What was this? Were the girls not content with just holding a cock-gagging contest? Now they were into satanic rituals too?

“What’s a Sacrifice?” one of the other freshmen, Sara Delaney, asked. When I first joined the sorority, Sara and I had become fast friends, mainly out of necessity. Even within a sorority, there were cliques within cliques, so that meant new girls had to stick together.

Hanna’s eyes sparkled with mischief. “As most of our senior members here know, every once in a while, we honor a deal we have with our brother fraternity, Alpha Gamma.”

“And what deal is this?” Sara asked suspiciously.

A grin spread across Hanna’s face. She seemed to be enjoying this. “Just like we receive new sisters who must prove themselves, Alpha Gamma receives new brothers who must prove themselves as well. Every so often, an Alpha gets challenged by an upstart. If that upstart wins, he wins a special offering from Kappa Beta for one night.”

Sara glared. “Am I understanding you right? Are you saying that the Sacrifice is one of us contest losers?”

Hanna’s grin nearly split her face. “Correct.”

“That’s such bullshit!” Sara raged. She looked around at her gathered sisters. “C’mon, guys, a dildo-sucking contest is ridiculous enough as it is, but our bodies being offered to some dumb, iron pumping jock? That’s absolutely nuts!”

“You gave an oath when you joined this sorority that you would do anything for your sisters,” Hanna pointed out.

“Yeah, I did, but I didn’t agree to prostitution.”

“It’s not prostitution,” Hanna argued.

Sara looked unconvinced. “Yeah? Then what is it?”

“It’s called ‘taking one for the team’.”

“Oh give me a break—”

“Anyway,” Hanna cut in loudly, turning away from Sara like she was old news, and I suspected that when it was time for us freshman to have a chance to live in the house, Sara wouldn’t be invited. “I’m going to try something new this year.”

“What?” someone in the crowd asked.

Hanna’s eyes roved over the contest losers. “Usually, the one who was knocked out of the contest first would be the Sacrifice. This year, I’m going to let Veronica pull a name out of a hat. Whatever name she pulls is the Sacrifice.”

The crowd broke off into excited murmuring.

Hanna gestured to one of the girls in the crowd. “Get the hat, Ashley.”

While the crowd murmured excitedly, Ashley scurried off and then returned a few minutes later with a NSU hat and slips of paper that she had scribbled all of our names on. Meanwhile, I was still trying to wrap my mind around it all. One of the losers of the contest would be giving her body to a total stranger?

What the hell had I gotten myself into?

Hanna grabbed the hat from Ashley and the crowd quieted. “Veronica.”

Veronica stepped forward eagerly. I could tell she was enjoying this too much.

“No peeking,” Hanna warned, holding out the hat to Veronica. “Reach in there without looking.”

Veronica turned away and blindly reached into the hat. She dug around for a moment while everyone whispered amongst each other. Several of the losers looked anxious while they watched Veronica, probably worrying that their name would be pulled out of the hat while others looked excited. Let’s face it. We’d been busy doing sorority stuff, so some of us hadn’t been getting any action in a while.

Sara scowled at Veronica, who was still blindly shuffling through the hat. “There is no way in hell I’m agreeing to this if she pulls my name out of that hat. They will just have to kick me out.”

Sara’s comments made me think to myself, what if Veronica pulls my name?

She isn’t, I told myself. There’s no way she’ll chose me. There are eight other girls’ names in there.

Veronica finally grabbed a folded piece of paper out of the hat and opened it. She gave a dramatic pause as she stared at the paper.