Alpha's Baby:A Secret Baby Romance(2)

By: Lauren Landish

Meanwhile, I would be joining the hottest sorority on North State’s campus, Kappa Beta. As a member of this prestigious sorority, I knew I would most likely get hooked up with some popular, hot frat guy and would soon forget all about Stefan and his hot body.

Or so I thought.

“Come on, girls, swallow that dick!” some chick in the background yelled.

I tried to drown out all the cheering from my wild sorority sisters who stood crowded around the table, watching me and my opponent shove big, fat dildos down our throats, and concentrate.

Had I known that dick-guzzling contests were a part of the Kappa Beta’s long line of second-semester traditions, I would have never signed up for it, hottest sorority or not. I thought that the stupid shit stopped after Rush Week and first semester. Apparently, I was wrong.

Be that as it may, I had signed up and had been accepted. And once I committed to something, that was it. I was going to stay with Kappa and prove to all of these girls that I had what it took to be one of the best of the best, too. But as one of the freshmen, I was automatically looked down upon, and because of this, I had to prove myself.

Hence, the dildo sucking contest. I mean, every girl wants to win one of those, right?

The rules were simple: Head to head—no pun intended. Whoever gagged on their respective dildo first, lost. And this wasn’t your average dildo. Oh, no. They’re fucking scary.

I had already beaten out eight other girls, and now only one remained: Veronica George. Veronica was a major bitch, a junior with long, blonde hair, green eyes, and pouty lips that were currently wrapped around the shaft of her dildo. She was hugely popular and was thought to have the hottest boyfriend on campus, though I thought he was nothing special. A typical tanned and oiled gym jock, in my opinion.

Veronica eyed me with challenge as she pushed her dildo down a half-inch. She was three-fourths down the shaft and I was likewise. So far, it was the furthest anyone had gotten the whole contest. But I could tell that I was going to have to go all the way down to the ball sack to win this one, because apparently, Veronica really knew how to suck a mean dick.

The trouble was, I was really close to gagging.

I gripped the rubbery flesh and pushed it down slowly, hoping I didn’t gag. I could feel it encroaching upon my tonsils and I struggled to keep the dreaded reflex at bay.

What if this were Stefan’s cock?

I had no idea where that thought came from, but it was a bad omen. Suddenly, all I could think about was Stefan gripping me by the sides of my head and throat fucking me for all I was worth.

The thought, while a huge turn-on for me, was terribly distracting, and along with all the yelling in the background, I found my focus slipping.

Still eying me, Veronica pushed the dildo even further down, causing a large bulge to appear in her throat. I began to panic. There was not much left for Veronica to take down. One more push and she would have downed the entire length of the 8-inch cock, winning the contest.

I had to act fast or it was over.

Eying her with defiance, I gathered my courage and tried to force the rest of the entire shaft down my throat. That’s when I nearly lost all of my lunch.


The crowd around the table went wild as I wrenched the cock out of my mouth and gasped for air, hacking and coughing.

Across the table, Veronica jumped up, removed the giant dildo from her throat with ease, slapped it down on the table, and squealed in delight. “I win!”

Her words and joyous laughter felt like a knife in my heart. I’ll let you know now that I am very competitive and don't like losing . . . even a dumb ass dick-sucking contest.

Who had made up such a contest, anyway?

“It’s okay,” I muttered under the noise of the crowd as I wiped spittle from my lips with the back of my hand and regained my composure. “It’s a stupid contest anyway.”

I tossed the fat dick on the table beside Veronica’s saliva-covered one, glad to be rid of it. The rubbery flesh had left a nasty taste in my mouth, and I would be glad when I could go rinse with a minty mouthwash.

“Everyone, quiet!” yelled a voice, getting results. It was Hanna Jones, Kappa’s president, standing in the center of the room beside the table.

With long, dark hair that she wore in a girly ponytail and sultry, dark eyes, Hanna was dressed in a pink skirt and a white blouse that was tied in a knot to show off her tanned, flat midriff. Pink and white were our sorority’s colors, and I had been wearing more of it than I was used to, hopefully something that would taper off once my freshman year was over.

When the room finally quieted down, Hanna smiled at me. “Nice try, Bella. I was impressed. I never saw a new girl get so far before.”