Alpha's Baby:A Secret Baby Romance(180)

By: Lauren Landish

Shaking my head, I open the door and hold back a jealous grumble at the sight before me. Seriously, the living room of this penthouse is bigger than my entire apartment. Two thousand square feet, a master bedroom and a smaller bedroom slash office, a sitting room. The damn thing even has a chef’s kitchen.

My grumble turns into a hiss of anger when I see that someone’s been up here, and it sure as shit ain’t Goldilocks.

“None of this should be here,” I mutter as I take in the mess, frowning at a jacket’s that’s been thrown over the Italian leather sofa and a bag that looks like it was carelessly tossed into a chair and knocked it over.

Puzzled, I check my sheet again. Nope. No one’s supposed to be here. I step into the room, leaving my cart outside.

“Housekeeping?” I call tentatively. “Anyone here?”

Silence is my only answer.

“Hello?” I dare again, walking into the room. When I get no response, I walk over to pick up the chair that’s been knocked into the floor. I figure that maybe someone has checked in ahead of the guest and left in a hurry. I’ll straighten things up and just leave.

A sound behind me causes me to spin around and my breath stills in my lungs.

Holy fuck!

My heart skips as a beat as my eyes take in the naked….God standing before me. Well ok, he’s not totally naked. He’s got a towel over his head and he’s drying his hair.

But the way he’s built…sweet jesus. He looks like he’s chiseled out of granite, with big muscular arms, breathtaking broad shoulders, a proud chest, an eight pack and…

“Anaconda...” I whisper as I see what’s hanging between his legs, my pulse pounding in my ears. He’s got to be at least seven inches long already and he’s not even hard. My skin pricks as I gaze at his thick meat, my nipples hardening, my breath coming out in short pants.

The man freezes when his eyes fall on me, and I feel like I’m going to melt into a puddle on the floor. I have no words for how hot this man is. He’s not just hung like a horse, he’s fucking gorgeous too. Shaggy blond hair hangs down over his forehead, with startling blue eyes that seem to glow from the inside, and a face that would make artists drool. He’s staring at me, his mouth, full sexy lips, hanging slack, the towel dropping from his hand to the floor.

Neither of us say anything for what seems like eternity but has to be just a few seconds before he recovers and grins, his eyes boring into me with an intensity that makes me weak in the knees. “Hi. I’m Gavin.” He says easily as if he’s not standing in front of me with a monster-sized cock dangling in front of me.

He’s not doing anything to cover it up either. Given what he’s packing, I can see why. It’s like he’s proud of it as he stares at me with a confidence that borders on gross arrogance.

Heat rises in my chest as he steps forward, a cocky smirk turning the corner of his lips, and I take a half step back, my pussy clenching around nothing. It’s an effort to keep my eyes on his face as my heart pounds in my chest like a hammer and my cheeks burn with embarrassment.

“You alright?” he asks. Even his voice is sexy, a low baritone that causes my pussy to clench again.

I open my mouth to reply, but my eyes stray back to it, and my heart skips another beat. Shit. Shit. Shit. I can’t deal with this right now. I tear my gaze away from it, my eyes darting this way and that, looking for a way out as he closes in on me.

I want to run away. But I can’t move. It’s like my legs are filled with stone, weighed down by lead. Against my will, my eyes flicker back to it.

Sweet Jesus! It’s swaying with each step, swinging back and forth like a giant pendulum, almost putting me into a hypnotic trance.

When he gets close enough to touch me, I’m suddenly free of my paralysis. Heart pounding, I spring forward, nearly tripping on my way to the door. I’m only able to mumble, “Sorry,” as I run from the room with a flaming red face, trying my damndest to not glance back for one last look.

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