All That Sass (Witches and Werewolves Book 2)

By: Jen Talty

Sassy Ever After

All That Sass

Witches and Werewolves Novella series book 2


Once again, I find myself feeling the need to dedicate and thank my critique AND partner in crime, Casey Hagen. Without her ability to make me laugh and cry at the same time, I wouldn’t be able to craft these books. She is truly a shiny gem!


Almost twenty years ago…

Regan Wilcox folded her arms and narrowed her eyes as she watched the little princess brat, Avery, dance with Darrell during a technique seminar and audition for placement not only in the ballet company, but classes for the following session. With only one spot left in the advanced junior level, Regan would be damned to see it go to a five-year-old before her. At eleven years old, this was her last chance. If she didn’t make it this year, she’d be sent to the advanced competition group. The kiss of death for a girl who wanted to be a principal ballerina someday.

Darrell held Avery in a pose, staring into her eyes.

Regan covered her mouth, biting back tears. Darrell was her dream boy and destined to be a great dancer. He’d made the company when he’d been six, and now, at eleven, many choreographers wanted him to perform in their companies.

Regan narrowed her eyes. The Goddamned wolf was imprinting on the royal witch, and there wasn’t anything Regan could do to stop it.

Stupid little girl had no idea she’d just been marked and claimed by a wolf. Regan searched her mind for a spell that would destroy Avery, and her talent, but Avery’s father, the Prince, held so much power, Regan was sure he’d know someone had cast a spell and then find out who, which would be one of the worst crimes a witch could commit against another witch. She might be only eleven, but that was the kind of atrocity that would get her powers stripped.

Besides, it was Darrell that chose Avery as his future mate, and it would be Darrell to suffer for his mistake and Avery would end up an old spinster.

The room erupted in applause when the music stopped. The teacher smiled and ran to Avery, hugging her close.

“You’re something special,” the teacher said, cupping her chin. “I know you’re going to go far, isn’t she, Darrell?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Darrell said, smiling.


Ten minutes later, the director waltzed into the room and made the announcement that Avery would be taking the last spot.

Regan stormed out of the studio and hid in the bushes by the back door in the rear parking lot, where Darrell waited every day to be picked up by his parents.

She waited patiently, knowing the spell she needed to use.

Darrell stepped out of the building, glancing over his shoulder, waving to someone.

Probably Avery.

It was now or never.

“Out of the cauldron and into the heart, take this wolf and make the end start. Out of the cauldron and into the flame, take the touch of the wolf’s paw and make it maim. With every pump of his blood that is blind, destroy his kind. From years of hum drum, his pack will succumb.” Regan waved her hands, pushing the clear puff of smoke at Darrell, watching it slip into his body.

A damp, chill settled into her bones. As she watched Darrell and his family drive off, a sharp pain ripped through her joints. She hobbled out of the bush, staring at her crumpled fingers. They looked like her great-grandmother’s hands. Old, wrinkly, and mangled.

She sat on the bench. Her limbs became dead weight.

Her older sister, and one of the student teachers, stepped outside.

“Regan, what have you done!”

“Nothing,” Regan said weakly. Her skin heated as if someone pricked her with hot needles everywhere.

“I’m calling dad,” her sister said. “He might be able to reverse the effects of whatever black magic spell you cast.”

Regan’s heartbeat slowed to a painful pace. “It’s too late,” she whispered.

Chapter 1

Darrell Hughes sat in the back the auditorium watching a vision of loveliness promenade across the stage in a pair of nude tights, pink point shoes with matching leg warmers, and a white leotard with spaghetti straps crossing in the back. He’d been waiting a lifetime to claim his mate, and Princess Lady Avery Windsor wasn’t just any mate.

He winced as she favored her right knee doing a basic grand pas de chat. Most people wouldn’t notice the slight deflection, but his seasoned eye had seen more than one ballerina a performance away from the end.