All In (Full Tilt Book 2)(116)

By: Emma Scott

I see Theo’s eyes drink in the installation. He smiles as he finds the gap in the sun.

“It’s still my favorite piece,” I say.

Theo takes my hand, kisses my fingers. “Mine too.”

I feel the warmth from the red and gold curls of glass. My love for Jonah a warm glow in my heart, like a sun that never sets. And deeper within, a fiery core—my love for Theo burning with powerful, unending intensity.

“Love again,” I murmur. “He told me to love again, and I do. So much.”

“He told me to love you.” Theo’s warm, soft eyes meet mine. “But I already did. So much.”

Only the tiniest wave of shock courses through me, followed by understanding. “I knew,” I say. “Somehow…I think I’ve always known.” I touch his cheek. “Why tell me now?”

Theo shrugs, making Frannie rise and fall with him. “Felt like the right time. And the right place.”

I smile and turn my gaze back to the glass. “Yes, it is.”

We sit a little while longer, and when we rise to leave, Theo takes my hand, our daughter tucked securely in his other arm. I recall when he and I got up off our knees in the Wynn Gallery. Shedding tears and love amidst the shattered remains of Jonah’s glass. We stood up together, emerged from the barren space together, bonded not in shared grief, but in shared love.

Theo and I, a treasure out of the ruin.

The end…