Adira's Mate:Space Wars, 1

By: April Zyon

Chapter One

The voices were getting closer. “…can see with this one here. Designated C-12, this prisoner is a Craegin female. We’re unsure of her age, but guess it to be around twenty or so years upon capture.”

“How long have you had her here?”

“She was our first successful capture. She’s been here for six years now. Our research involving her was highly instrumental in ensuring an easier capture of our other subjects. Keeping her alive was a struggle, though. Our world’s atmosphere affects the Craegins oddly. We’ve been able to get close to a reasonable facsimile of their world’s atmosphere, though. It’s not precise, so it keeps them weak, not all bad in our opinion.”

“Not at all, Doctor. This is very impressive, as have been all your reports over the last few years. We’ve learned more through your experimentation on these vile creatures than in any conflict. Do you think we could use our atmosphere as a weapon?”

“Perhaps one day, Vice-Admiral, but at this time we’re still unclear as to what on our world causes the reaction. We know their world is darker than ours, of course. They circle a red dwarf while we are circling a white. Their eyes don’t like the additional light our world has, so that’s always something to consider. They are used to a much darker climate. In the light of our world they are practically blinded.”

“I had read that in one of your reports. Unfortunately we’ve yet to come up with a way of using it effectively. They are technologically more advanced than we are, so we need something of a long-range weapon to regain the balance.”

“Perfectly understandable, Vice-Admiral. If you’ll come this way I’ll show you some of the things we’ve been testing on our prisoners. I think you’ll particularly like the…”

The voices faded off down a corridor. Now that the Craegin being held captive against the laws of the Imarian people had been shown off, the zoo tour would go on to other fun parts.

Rubbing at his eyes, Fintan Daykin let out a breath. He’d lost track of the days he’d been on the Imarian home world. He knew for a fact they were on an island off one of their main continents. The only way on or off the island was either by one of their watercraft or in one of their crawlers. If he could get to one of the little shuttle crafts, he might have a prayer of getting off the island and even off the planet.

Not that they were going to let him just walk out of there. No, he knew they had another round of torture disguised as testing for the afternoon. The guards had been all too happy to share that news with him. According to the one, Fin was in for a world of pain. A fact that didn’t surprise him in the least.

Since his arrival he’d been poked, prodded, electrocuted, had items shoved places no item should ever go, and of course had hands of all sorts touching his entire body. If not for the fact that they drugged him to move him between his cell and the room for the testing, he’d have found a way to kill them all. On the plus side he was building up a pretty good resistance to their vile concoctions. He didn’t know what that would mean to him in the long run, but right then it gave him hope that he might be able to break free one day soon.

He’d prefer immediately, but wasn’t about to hold his breath on that hope. Not when he was already having trouble breathing on the hellish Imarian world. The air grated into his lungs, making them hurt with every breath. They were pumping something into his cell, though, something that eased that pain, but it wasn’t nearly enough.

How a Craegin female had endured six years of such hell, he’d never know. But she was undoubtedly the stronger of the two of them. Then again he also knew if you were to endure something long enough you could grow accustomed to it. Fin could only hope he didn’t stick around long enough to become accustomed to the thin, brackish Imarian air. Oh what he wouldn’t give to take in a deep lungful of Craegin air. Thick, humid, and so very fragrant.

The sound of the lock on his cell door turning yanked him from his musings. Bracing himself, he flinched at the dart that hit him. He yanked it from his leg, but the drug was already speeding through his system.