A Wildly Seductive Night(9)

By: Lauren Blakely

He chuckled as he thrust into his hand. “You got yourself the best seat in the house.”

“And I’m going to enjoy every single second of this. I hardly ever get to be the audience.”

“Because I’d rather be fucking you.”

She grinned. She understood why this wasn’t something they did terribly often. Clay was a giver, and so was Julia. Add in the fact that the two of them were so damn horny for each other, and that was a recipe for making mutual masturbation scarce. Sometimes, she’d touch herself, and he’d play along for a few minutes, but they’d get so worked up that they’d end up sixty-nining in no time, or just plain hard-core fucking.

Julia had no complaints about either. But tonight, she savored the chance to watch him grip his cock tighter in his hand. A rough groan escaped his lips, and his eyes squeezed shut. As pleasure seemed to overtake him, it had the same effect on her. A wave of lust crashed into her body, sizzling her skin. Heat pooled between her legs, making her panties thoroughly pointless. She shoved her hand between her legs, stroking her own wetness as he fucked his fist.

“Yeah, you like that?” he rasped when he opened his eyes and saw what her busy hand was up to.

“So much,” she moaned.

“You like how hard you get me?”

Her fingers glided across her slick pussy lips, centering on her aching clit. “I love it,” she whispered, rocking her hips into her hand.

“All you, gorgeous. All you.” His voice was husky, hungry. His hips moved faster, and she was sure he was getting close. “I come home to your beautiful fucking body in my bed, and I have no choice but to get a raging hard-on.”

“I like you that way. No, I love you that way,” she purred as she widened her legs as far as she could with him caging her in.

“One smell of you and I’m ready to devour you. One taste and I want to smother my face in you. Now, you’re all hot and wild, and I’m getting so goddamn close to coming all over your tits.”

That was the moment she snapped—when the temperature inside her shot to scorching. She was an inferno, and she couldn’t help herself from asking for the next thing. No, she wasn’t going to ask. She was going to beg for it.

“Come on me,” she pleaded, desperate for his yes. “Come on my face.”

His shoulders shook, and he groaned as his hand flew up and down his length. “You filthy, beautiful woman.”

“Do it. I want it so bad.”

“I know you do,” he said on a broken pant as he squeezed the head on a lightning-quick upstroke.

She reached up and cupped his balls.

He sucked in a breath. “Close,” he moaned.

There, like that, straddling her in bed, he leaned forward, palmed the wall with one hand for balance, jacked his cock with the other, and angled himself over her face.

“Oh God,” she cried out, giving his balls a little tug as she worked her fingers between her legs. “Come on me, baby. Come on me now.”

“Fuck, I’m going to come so fucking hard, Julia,” he grunted, his fist squeezing his cock as he thrust his hips to her face, stroking his shaft in a fevered frenzy as he released himself on her.

Hot streams of his pleasure hit her cheek, her hair, all over her neck.

And she loved it. Loved being marked by him. Loved the sheer baseness of the act, the raw carnality of his jets of semen hitting her face, of all places on her body. She’d never have imagined she’d want anyone to mark her like this, but he wasn’t simply anyone. He was hers, her man, and he treated her like a queen and fucked her like a rock star, and it turned her on like nothing in the world. So much so that her own orgasm barreled through her, and she was fucking her hand to the other side of the cliff, coming so hard she saw stars.

Her eyes closed, and she moaned as the climax worked through her. Soon she was aware that he was gone, but in seconds he’d returned with a towel, warmed with water on one end.

“Don’t get me wrong. You look good in white,” he said, as he cleaned her up. “But I’m about to fuck you, and it would be rude for me to leave this all over your lovely face.”

A naughty smile tugged at her lips from his words.

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