A Wildly Seductive Night(8)

By: Lauren Blakely

Some might call him an ass man. But, really, he was an everything man when it came to Julia Nichols. Every damn thing about her turned him on, from her sharp mind, to her big heart, to her dirty mouth. All her physical assets were the icing on the Julia cake. That face, those luscious tits, her long legs that felt extraordinary wrapped around his neck.

Need hummed in his bones as he scooted closer to his woman. Absently, he reached between his legs, skimming his hand over his throbbing length as he regarded the woman with whom he shared a bed, a family, a life.

Midnight had crept into Manhattan, and moonlight from the window cast their room in a silvery glow. His hand slid down his hard dick as his eyes roamed her body, landing once again on a peek of her rear. The curve of her bottom was such an allure to him. He knew how it felt to dig his thumbs into that flesh, to spread her open, to grip her ass hard as he slid his cock into her hot, tight pussy. He knew how it felt to have his hands kneading that ass.

He groaned lightly as he stroked. He’d focused on business and deals at dinner, but admittedly the later the meal ran, the more his thoughts had strayed to her dirty texts. To what she wanted from him—to wake up to his mouth on her.

Was she wet already? Had she been dreaming of him, getting hot and bothered in her sleep? He shifted on the mattress, thrusting his cock up into his fist, his dick begging for more attention from his hand.

He was a horny bastard, and he needed to be buried in his wife’s wetness in a few minutes or he’d go crazy. He dipped his finger to her legs, ready to tug off those panties and smother his face in his favorite paradise when she flipped to the side and blinked open her eyes. She glanced at his hand.

“You taking care of business yourself?” Her voice was sleepy.

It was then that he realized he hadn’t stopped stroking his cock. Lord knew he was so goddamn turned on right now from being in bed with this beauty that he might not ever stop touching either one of them.

“Well, would you look at that. I suppose you caught me being thoroughly aroused by the woman in my bed.” He moved his hand to her hip, sliding his fingers into the waistband of her panties to tug them off, but her hand clamped on his, stopping his journey. She shook her head, lifted his hand away, and returned it to his shaft.

She wrapped her fingers over his. Drawing a sharp, hot breath, he shuddered as she moved his palm up and down his dick, leading him, though, of course he needed no guide in this matter.

“Don’t stop on my account,” she whispered.

“Maybe I want to do that while I eat you. If memory serves, you were pretty damn demanding in your notes. You had a specific plan for me to put my face between your thighs.”

She tightened her grip on his hand. “Now I want something else.” Her breath ghosted over his chest. “Let me watch you.”

His gaze drifted to their joined hands and his slow, steady strokes. “Doing this?”

She nodded, her eyes shining with desire. “I love watching you get yourself off. I hardly ever get to see it anymore.”

“But I’m in the mood for you.”

“I’ll get even wetter from watching you touch yourself. I’ll be just how you like me best. Hot and bothered and wet by the time your tongue is on me.”

“I like you each and every way,” he said as she scooted back on the bed, propping her head on the pillows, her auburn hair fanning across the white sheets.

“Straddle me, handsome. I want to be under you.”

He obliged, climbing over her, one knee on each side of her ribs. He took his cock in his hand again, this time stroking more purposefully, his eyes on her the whole time.


She ached exquisitely between her legs, soaking the panel of her panties from the scene unfolding in front of her. Clay Nichols, straddling her in the middle of the night, his big hand wrapped around his thick, hard cock. The very sight of him was like a bolt of heat charging through her body. An electric shudder ravaged her as his fist worked its way down his length, squeezing the head. She lifted her face to him, grabbed his hips, and licked off a drop of his arousal from the head of his cock.

“Mmm,” she murmured as she rested against the pillow once more. “This is my favorite one-man show to see.”

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