A Wildly Seductive Night(10)

By: Lauren Blakely

When her eyes fluttered open, he flipped her to her stomach.

But he didn’t fuck her.

Not yet.

He seemed to have other plans.


It wasn’t the recovery time—he was nearly hard again. But all that juicy wetness between her legs couldn’t go to waste. He wanted to taste her pleasure on his tongue, on his lips, on his jaw, before his cock was coated in it.

Besides, he loved going downtown on his wife. He loved having her ride his face when he was flat on his back; he loved spreading her legs wide and eating her; and he loved this position, too—Julia on her stomach, her ass raised a few inches in the air.

As he spread her cheeks with his thumbs, he buried his face between her legs, groaning as he drank her in.

Sweet and salty. His favorite flavor combination. She tasted like honey and sex. Like candy and a woman who wanted to be fucked by him. Her taste intoxicated him. He licked her up and down, flicking his tongue against the rise of her clit as he gripped her ass harder. This position was fantastic. His face was smothered in her, and he pulled hard, drawing her tighter against his mouth, savoring the way all her wetness flooded his face.

She moaned and writhed as he consumed her, and when he looked up, he saw how her hands gripped the sheets, her nails digging in.

“So good, so good,” she murmured as he licked and sucked. Soon she thrust frantically against him, her moves telling him that her next orgasm wasn’t too far off.

He broke contact for the briefest of seconds. “Your turn now. Come on my face.” Then he returned to paradise and devoured her pussy with his mouth until she bucked against his jaw.

She cried out and lifted her hips high in the air, grinding against him like a crazed wild woman. His dick was like an iron spike now, and he was so goddamn hungry for her. He consumed her pussy as she moaned and groaned and sang her pleasure, until he was covered in her next climax.

Before she could even come down from that high, he ran a finger through her wetness, brought it to her ass, and flicked his tongue across her there.

She flinched, but then moaned, a long, low, delicious moan of incomparable pleasure. She groaned as he flicked his tongue against her hole.

He was a dirty bastard and so what? She was clean, freshly showered, and he had no hang-ups in the bedroom. He’d fucking touch her anywhere. Kiss her anywhere. Lick her from head to toe, because she was divine.

Tonight, he was in the mood for her ass so he spent his sweet time, licking that forbidden zone that wasn’t at all forbidden to him. Someday, he’d like to take her ass, claim it all for his own, but he was pretty sure that was going to remain a fantasy. That was the one area they hadn’t breached. They’d tried once a few years ago, buzzed on wine and whiskey on a trip to Paris, but it had hurt her too much and he’d barely gotten the tip of his dick inside her.

That had been the end of that.

As he licked one last line along her rear, he thrust a finger into her center until she was a frantic, writhing creature begging for release.

That was what he wanted. He wanted her abandon. Her absolute surrender to the pleasure he intended to give her over and over.

He rose up on his knees, yanked up her hips, and positioned himself at her pussy. In one smooth thrust he was inside, and he stilled for a moment as pleasure ignited in him. At last his cock was surrounded by her wetness, and he proceeded to fuck her on all fours until she came hard again, her third orgasm of the night blasting through her. He followed her there, his quads tightening, his neck tensing as another climax powered through him.

Then he collapsed next to her.

He held her in his arms as they came down from their highs. He caught a glimpse of the clock. Two a.m.

“How was your night?” he asked.

“Mmm. It was the best night ever,” she said. “I walked Ace for forty-five minutes, dined on Thai food and baked cookies with Carly, had three orgasms with my husband, and got challenged to repeat the Purple Snow Globe.”

He arched an eyebrow. “Tell me more.”

“Tomorrow. I’ll tell you everything then. For now, you may spoon me ’til I fall asleep in your arms.”

“I will take you up on that.”

Yeah, every night with her was the best night ever.

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