A Wanton Woman(50)

By: Vanessa Vale

“I get spanked?” I asked hopefully.

He grinned at my eagerness. “Needy, doll?”

I nodded and bit my lip. Yes, I was very needy. “I just wanted a glass of water.”

“You just had to call for me. You know we don’t want you to fall.”

Both men had been very protective of me since we learned I was pregnant. It has only been a few weeks after the awful day when Carl had tried to kill me. It seemed that my first husband had been sterile. I was not barren in the slightest and my husbands were very virile. They were quite proud of the fact and based on the size of my belly, I had to question twins.

We didn’t, however, question my constant need for their cocks. I’d become voracious in my pregnancy and having two husbands certainly worked to my advantage to assuage this need.

Walker took my hand and led me back up the steps. “Luke!” he called.

“Yes?” He responded from somewhere downstairs.

“Our wife, she needs us again.”

Walker escorted me to the bed, lifted my nightgown up and over my head to reveal my nakedness. The windows were open to the summer air. It wasn’t hot like Texas, but perfect. Even so, my sensitive nipples tightened in the cool air.

I’d worried if they would like my altered shape, but they reveled in my additional curves and never ceased to tell me. “Up on your hands and knees, doll. If you want a spanking and a good fucking, then get into position.”

Eager, yet with a slow pace, I crawled up onto the bed and grabbed hold of the headboard. Since I couldn’t be on my stomach any longer—I hadn’t seen my feet in a few months—my men had been creative in how to take me.

“Is your pussy needy?” Luke asked from the doorway.

“Yes, Luke,” I breathed, taking in my handsome husband.

When Walker knelt on the bed behind me and gave my bottom a sharp spanking, I cried out. “Yes! More.”

Luke closed the door behind him and came around to the other side of the bed, knelt beside me, cupped one of my full, tender breasts. We’d discovered that I truly did like fucking a little rough and full of wild abandon. I got wet from a spanking or being tied up. I just liked my men in control.

“We’ve got you, sweetheart. Always. You’ll always be between us just like this. You’re going to give us a beautiful baby and we’ll give you everything you need.”

They saw to me then and I gave over to their touch, to being the center of their world. The men never let me forget.