A Mate for Griffin

By: Charlene Hartnady

The Program Book 4

Chapter 1

“I don’t like it,” Lazarus growled. “I don’t like it one bit but since it’s the king’s orders, we have to comply.” The big male strode across the room before turning and facing them. He seemed to look at each team member in turn. His hard, intelligent gaze finally came to rest on Lance for a few beats before looking away. Lazarus scowled. “Females at a sparring session. Human females at that.” he grunted and shook his head.

“I like the idea.” Lance flexed his muscles. “They’re going to fucking love it. We need to make sure we give them a show.”

“No shows,” Lazarus growled, narrowing his eyes. “Didn’t you listen to a word I said earlier? Human females are timid. We need to go easy. No breaking of bones or severing of limbs. Blood is fine but nothing excessive.”

“We’re not a bunch of fucking pussies.” Lance spat at the ground at his feet. “There are fascist groups out there and with the shifters stealing our females, we need to be in top fucking form. That means hitting hard during every sparring session to ensure that we are ready.”

Griffin could see that Lazarus was trying to keep it together. His muscles tensed and his jaw ticked. “York is not here today, which means that I am in charge. What I say fucking goes. If any of you want to question my authority speak up right now.” He glared at Lance who was busy strapping a sword to his back. It didn’t even seem like the male was really listening.

“Lance,” Lazarus growled.

The other male nodded once, still not paying attention. “Sure thing.” he muttered, glancing Lazarus’ way.

“Good,” Lazarus grunted. “Obey my fucking rules. The humans will not enjoy seeing us go all out and I don’t know about you but I want all my limbs intact and fully functional once we are done.” The male gave a half smile which just looked plain weird. Lazarus was taken with one of the humans, it was clearly doing him some good.

Griffin wished that he could say the same for himself.

“Oh yeah.” Jackson grabbed his dick. “There is one limb in particular that I really need. My female will not be happy if anything serious happens to any major part of me.” He gave his junk another squeeze. “I’m all for taking it easy today.”

Most of the males laughed and murmurs of agreement sounded.

“It’s settled then. We’ll have a light sparring session showcasing our strength and abilities while keeping the timid females happy. Our jobs will be to impress not to scare the hell out of them.” Lazarus glared at Lance for a second.

A small handful of the males were trying to impress females, particularly with the final day of the first round being held the next day. The majority of the males would not be picking a female though. It was tough to actually get to know anyone or to test any sort of compatibility when Lance got to them first. Or even worse, when he went ahead and rutted a female while another male was still courting her. Griffin had tried to talk with Lance but his friend did not seem to be in the listening mood.

Most of the males, to include his fellow elite team members, had given up on the male. Griffin refused to do the same. Lance was torn up inside. He was clearly not dealing with his emotions. For now, Griffin had worked on defusing situations but he needed to address this further with the male before things got out of hand.

“Let’s get to work,” Lazarus growled as they exited the room.

Lance pushed past Griffin. “Work”—he snorted—“more like prance around like fairies.” The male grumbled.

“Hold up, Lance.” Griffin clapped his hand on the male’s back.

“I’m not in the mood for small fucking talk.” Lance barely slowed down. “We have a job to do. I take my work seriously.”

“We all do.” Griffin moved in next to Lance. Lazarus didn’t want any major bloodshed today. He didn’t want the females rattled. Lance’s eyes were dark. His gaze, intense. It was as if a cloud had descended over him. In a mood was putting it lightly.

Griffin decided it would be best if he sparred with Lance instead of one of the others. He would keep his cool regardless of what Lance dealt out. Hopefully, his friend would keep himself relatively under control. Griffin refused to lash out like some of the others would do. Lance could be mean and he could play dirty. In short, he could be a dick. He was also his friend, Griffin reminded himself of the last on a low sigh.