Point of Redemption(105)

By: Stacey Lynn

Sophie was absolutely darling as she slowly made her way down the short wedding aisle. Classic wedding music played through speakers Liv had brought in, insisting she didn’t need live music for the wedding. But she wanted the old-school wedding march entrance song.

Smiling along with everyone else, I watched Sophie carefully take a rose petal out of her wicker basket with every small step she took. She gently set it onto the grass and clumsily stepped around each petal so as not to crush a single one.

By the time she reached the makeshift altar, every man and woman in the club family were biting back their laughter.

She reached the end of the aisle and smiled at her mom next to me, who was trying to wave her forward to join us up front. But Sophie, who I had learned over the last few months had a mind of her own, shook her head, dropped her basket, and then launched herself at Jaden, who was standing next to Ryker on the other side of the arched trellis.

As if he was expecting it, Jaden bent low and wrapped his arms around Sophie all while pressing his lips to her cheek with a soft smile. She wrapped her legs around his waist at the same time Jules reached out and grabbed my hand, squeezing tight.

Jaden had finally admitted Sophie was related to him, but it didn’t mean his relationship, or non-relationship, with Jules had improved over the winter.

Determined to only think happy thought for the day, I flashed a wink to Jules and blew Ryker a quick kiss.

Then everyone in the audience and at the altar turned to watch Liv walk down the aisle, finally getting her happily ever after.