Point of Redemption(10)

By: Stacey Lynn

“It looks like a lot has changed around here.” Ryker still hadn’t taken his eyes off Slick’s hand on me. I wondered if it was jealousy. And then I wondered why I cared anymore. Ryker had been the one to leave me. If he was jealous, it was his own damn fault.

I smiled. It wasn’t genuine, and I saw a flash of rage in his eyes. “That can happen in five years.”

Ryker’s head dropped, and he took a deep breath before drawing his eyes slowly back to mine. He didn’t check me out, not the way most men did, but I still felt his gaze on every inch of my skin. It prickled with interest.


“I supposed I shouldn’t be surprised,” he said, his lips twisting into a wicked grin. “You always did seem to prefer Black Death.”

I scowled. What in the hell did that mean?

He left without another word. Slick dropped his hand from my neck when Ryker was gone. I turned to him and glared.

“While that pissing match of yours was fun to watch, next time, do it without your hands on me.” I turned and stalked to the back office without waiting for his response. I wouldn’t get one anyway.

I climbed behind the wheel of the black SUV rental and exhaled a deep breath. What the fuck just happened? What in the hell had I seen? Faith? A prostitute at Penny’s, which was run by Black Death?

I growled and slammed my hand against the wheel. The back of my head pressed against the headrest, and I stared at the roof of the vehicle as if inspecting the grey fabric would calm the assault on my mind.

Faith was a whore. I shook my head back and forth repeatedly, probably looking insane to the people on the sidewalk who passed by me, but I didn’t give a shit.

Faith worked at Penny’s Boarding House. My head dropped toward my lap. My fiancée was a whore.


Did distinguishing the difference matter? She made that choice when she sucked face with a member of Black Death. She didn’t bother waiting for me to talk to my dad before she threw herself into the arms of another man for another club. And this was where she ended up?

Disgust over what her life had become and the life she had chosen over me combined with a slow boil of rage I felt building inside me.

She had chosen a life with her dad’s enemies over a life with me. If she wanted to earn their protection by spreading her legs, why should I give a shit about what happened to her?

I threw the SUV in reverse and hauled my ass to the hospital where I knew Daemon was waiting with Olivia. I had no desire to see Olivia sitting in a hospital bed. I pictured the eighteen-year-old tied to a kitchen chair with blood falling from her leg and resisted the urge to hurl my lunch all over the rental as I headed out of town.

Coming back was going to be a mistake.

It was going to fuck everything up.

The shrill sound of my ringing phone snapped me back to reality like a rubber band.

“Hey, Meg,” I answered, one hand on the wheel, elbow propped up on the side of the door, and the phone in my other hand.

“You weren’t here when Brayden woke up,” she started, and I caught the nervous hitch in her voice. I cursed myself silently.

“Shit, Meg… I’m sorry. I had to get out of town in a hurry.” I could picture the boy. The boy who still cried every night for his dad, even after two years. The boy who panicked when I didn’t show up within an hour of me telling him I would. I had been so fucked up after talking to Daemon that I had forgotten where my priorities were.

“It’s okay,” she said through the phone. Some of the pressure left me. Meg was sweet. Her voice floated through the phone like she didn’t have a care in the world. Like she didn’t miss the man she had always called her soul mate. She actually believed in all that girly shit like fate, destiny, soul mates, and claimed she had been blessed to find hers young in life despite the abrupt and way too soon ending.

I pulled off the highway exit for the hospital and slowed my rented Tahoe on the dirt shoulder, throwing it into park. “Let me talk to him.”

“I know you’re busy. I don’t want to waste your time.”

“Meg,” I scolded her teasingly. It was our way. Somehow our friendship eased the pain in my chest. “Put Brayden on the phone.”