Oui (The French Connection Book 1)(89)

By: Brooklyn Knight

“Emily –”

“Don’t ‘Emily’ me,” I warned him. I grabbed his shirt from a nearby chair and shoved my arms into it. I paced the floors, my knuckles set under my chin, trying to regain a sense of control.

“I need to get my man back,” I mumbled staring into the distance. I glared at Stefan “I’m going to get him back and you are going to help me do it.”

“Emily, you’re emotional and you’re not making sense. It’s over,” he said. He walked up to me and ran his hands down my trembling arms. “Dylan has moved on and he’s happy. You need to forget about him and let him live his life.”

“I am not forgetting about my man,” I shouted. “You are going to get him back or I swear to God, I’ll make your life more miserable than you could ever imagine.”

Stefan’s hands dropped, and he took a step back. “Really?” he challenged me. “So how do you propose I do that?” He folded his arms across his chest.

I took an angry step in his direction. “Simple,” I said through my teeth. “You break them up. And I don’t care what you have to make it happen. Either you bring the relationship between Laila Renaud and Dylan to an end, or I’ll make you wish yours had come to one.”