Visaria Online: Void

By: Riley Morrison

A litRPG Fantasy Adventure Book 2

Visaria Online, Volume 2




ID System Integrity Compromised

Item Id: #1139697 “Moldy broken pineapple” not recognized

An incident report has been automatically sent to system administration

You will hear back from our customer support team shortly

Enjoy your stay in Visaria Online!

Government mandated warning: Online gaming can be addictive. If you have spent a prolonged period of time in Visaria Online, we implore you to logout and spend a few hours exercising and engaging socially with others in the real world.

Ajax groaned as the doctor stitched up his wounded back, pain ripping at him like the teeth of a ravenous worg. What the hell does all that mean? He gripped the side of the hospital bed with clenched hands. Stay focused. He had to focus on something other than the pain.

Browsing his inventory panel again, he tried to bring up the stat information of the moldy broken pineapple, but again got the same warning message. Strange.

The young female NPC nurse leaned over him to speak in his ear. “The doctor is nearly done. Try to relax.”

Relax! Ajax wanted to scream at the top of his lungs. He could feel the needle going into the burned flesh, patching up the deep shrapnel wounds. Why had the programmers made Visaria like this? Why did he have to feel excruciating pain?

This torment felt as real as it would have in the real world.

Trying to keep his mind off what the doctor was doing, he moved on to another item.

Cavalry Man’s Saber

He won’t be needing this anymore where he’s going

+15 AP

+ 5 damage when using slashing attacks

The weapon seemed fine. Why not the pineapple?

Just to play it safe, he opened his character panel and glanced over his stats to make sure everything was in order.

Ajax Stoneheart

Race: Human

Class: Spiritual Warrior

Skill Focus: Warrior Paladin

Level: 8

Player Kills: 3

Might: 16 (BASE: 7+9 Might from equipment) (1 Might increases AP by 5)

Dexterity: 1

Intellect: 3

Spirit: 12 (BASE: 5+7 Spirit from equipment) (1 Spirit increases healing by 10% and improves mana regeneration by 2%)

Luck: 1

HP: 282/327 (BASE: 235+12 BLS +80 from equipment)

MP: 230 (BASE: 190+40 from equipment)

AP: 210 (BASE: 150+15 from weapon + 45 from equipment)

DEF: 145 (BASE: 20+125 from equipment)

XP: 11467/15500

Everything seemed fine. He must have gotten 400 XP when the Steampunk Arla had died.

Ajax frowned. Why had the item ID system’s integrity been compromised? Was it the void’s doing?

“We’re done,” the nurse said, easing Ajax onto his back.

He gritted his teeth as his body weight pressed down on his wounds. The nurse put a red potion to Ajax’s lips. “Drink this, it will restore your health and ease the pain.”

Opening his mouth, he let her pour the liquid down his throat. The stuff tasted like medicine, but its effects on his hp and pain were almost instant.

HP: 327/327 (BASE: 235+12 BLS +80 from equipment)

Thank the One God.

With his pain eased, his thoughts turned to Lillus. “Can I get up and see my friend?”

The NPC doctor who busied himself with packing away his surgical implements shook his head. “I don’t believe they are done with her yet. You must wait...” his voice trailed off as the door to the operating room flew open. Talon burst in, his breath coming fast. “We need to leave.”

AJAX CARRIED LILLUS out of the hospital as she sucked down several health potions. Her skin was pale, but the doctors and nurses had done a good job in cleaning her up and treating her wounds. They hadn’t had the time to finish the job, before Ajax and Talon had interrupted them. She smiled up at him. “I think I like you carrying me like this.” She swooned. “My big strong hero, lifting me from the clutches of danger to carry me away to his bed. I can’t wait for the happy ending.”

Chuckling, Ajax said, “More likely I’m going to be bringing you from one danger into the next.”

Lillus continued to smile at him dreamily. Perhaps the effects of the health potions had gone to her head.

“Where are we going to go?” Ajax asked Talon, as they raced toward Firesoul who had hidden in a copse of trees some distance from the tiny village located somewhere in the Wild Lands.