Mac (HC Heroes Series, #1)

By: Donna Michaels

A Harland County Spinoff Series

About this Book

She’s too sassy...he’s too alpha...but sometimes, fate provides what you need not what you want.

Awarded a medal for a mission that almost turned disastrous by betrayal, Levi “Mac” McCall leaves Delta Force and his poor judgement behind. Determined to move on, he gives 110% to his new investigation company...except whenever his brother’s sexy sister-in-law is near. The sassy woman followed him from central Texas and is a distraction Mac doesn’t want. So why the hell can’t he get the hot kiss they shared out of his head?

Stefanie Davis did NOT follow that stubborn wall of muscles to Harland County. She relocated because of work, and thanks to endorsements from his father and his cousin, she has enough clientele to open her own graphic arts business. Too bad it’s near the sexy as hell security expert whose kiss is as amazing as it is her own good.

Before long, their off-the-charts chemistry leads to more embraces than arguments and has Mac considering a new mission: Prove to Stefanie that sass and alpha are a perfect match.

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Author’s Note

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A huge thank you to all the amazing readers for requesting MAC’s story and for their patience while I prepared his book to launch this new series!

Chapter One

If Levi “Mac” McCall had any sense, the next time his dad asked him to guide a bunch of overindulged executives on a weekend survival course in the Texas Hill Country, he’d say, “No.”

Hell, no.

His older twin brothers lived in Hill Country. That was their domain. And their job...sort of. Logan and Lincoln worked for the family business—a national chain of sporting goods stores.

Not Mac.

He was in the process of opening his own company—Eagle Security & Investigations—in Harland County, near the Texas Gulf. These impromptu family favors were starting to interfere with his agenda.

“Thanks for filling in for me,” Logan said through the phone Mac had set to speaker before placing it on the dryer in his laundry room. “I hear you had to fish one of the suits from the river.”

Mac dropped his gear on the floor and snorted. “Try two. He took his buddy over the side of the damn raft with him this morning.”

A deep chuckle filled the room. “Oh, man, I hate when that happens.”

And he hated when he had to take the place of one of his brothers on these ridiculous weekends. Thankfully, his dad didn’t offer these outings to his staff too often, it just sucked that neither of his siblings had been available to play guide this time.

Grunting, he pulled off his boots before stripping out of his still-damp clothes. At least the seat of his chopper had a cover, or it would’ve been soaked by the time he’d flown home.

A large slab of concrete and the hangar he’d built away from the livestock on his property housed his newly acquired baby—courtesy of his dwindling savings. Of course, the helicopter and his pilot’s license gave Mac even less of an excuse to help his family out on short notice—which his father knew—hence, the call last Thursday.

“Good thing they had the best of the best guiding them,” Logan said, a measure of pride mixed with a trace of amusement in his tone.

“Nothing you couldn’t have handled.”

In fact, both of his older siblings were more than capable in those situations. The twins were in the Army National Guard and often state-activated during floods and storms. Once upon a time, Logan had even rescued his future wife and her sister without knowing it. Over a decade later, the two had met up again, fell in love, got married, and were now expecting their first child in a few weeks.

He was going to be an uncle...

A smile tugged Mac’s lips. It was nice to see the sweeter side of fate. God knew, Mac had seen enough of the darker side to last ten lifetimes.

“Yeah, but I hear they were really impressed to be led by ‘an honest to goodness, Bronze Star awarded, Delta Force hero,’ as they put it,” his brother said, emphasizing their words.