The Devils Baby(9)

By: Cilla Lee


“Yes, Colt our child”

“Your pregnant” I ask a little confused

“Yes, Colt I'm pregnant” she rolls her eye at me

“How? When?” I take a step forward and she takes another one back, fuck I hate the distance between us (forgive me baby) everything in me is screamin' to just grab her hold her and never let her go.

“Please Colt this is already harder than it is, I just thought you had to know. I've got to go I'm meeting Maggie for lunch, I watch as she gets in her car and drives off leaving me with the photo of our kid. I'm in complete shock as I watch her drive away, I look at the photo again (fuck I'm ganna be a dad) I walk into the garage still in shock, Stryker looks at me.

“So, what did she say?” I hand him the photo “What's this” he looks at it turning one way than the other and stops “Fuck man”

“Yep” I sit on a pile of tires for stability my legs feelin’ like jelly

“Dude your ganna be a dad” all I can do is nod my head (I'm ganna be a dad) replayin' over and over (mom) I jump up and grab the photo off of Stryker and run to my bike

“Where the fuck, are ya going” Tucker yells out

“Ganna tell mom she's ganna be a Granny” I speed off down the road. It takes me no time at all to get to my mom’s house, I run through the door almost breakin’ it in two.

“MOM, MOM” I yell she comes running down the hall “She came back” I tell her

“Niya” I nod

“She's back and she has a gift” I hand her the photo

“What's this” she turns it around and starts screaming jumping up and down “I'm ganna be a Grandma, I'm ganna be a Grandma” I spin her around

“I'm ganna be a dad” she screams huggin' me

“Ok, sit tell me what happened” I tell her everything that happened from the second Tucker told me I had a visitor to when I got here


“Don't mom I know she's pissed but I'm ganna win her back you'll see” she bites her lip lookin' worried “she's still wearing it” I say

“Wearing what?”

“Her locket”

“Baby she seems really angry, did she listen to you”

“No” I tell her and she looks concerned “I'm ganna win her back if it's the last thing I do” I tell her

“Baby just give her time she's still angry”

“She is, but I'll wear her down mom where having a baby together and weather she likes it or not she belongs to me heart and soul and I'm not givin' up on that” she takes my hand sqeezin' it and takes a deep breath......

“Tobias, I'm worried you’re going to get your hopes up and then what?”

“Mom I love her so much I'm not givin' up on us, hell will freeze over before I do that” I'd already put my plan in motion after my grandma had her own intervention for me, I'd cleaned myself up apologized to the brothers and then I'd went in search of a house so when Niya came home we'd have somewhere to live.


“Yes, Sir how can I help you today” a pretty young woman says from behind the counter

“Yeah I'm lookin' for a property”

“To buy or rent” she asks me

“Buy” I tell her

“Ok we have this list here just go through them and we can set up a viewing”. I'd already gone on line and found the house I wanted so I go through the list and find the one.

“I wanna look at this one” I hand her the photo of the one I seen online

“Oh, when would you like to view it” I look at my watch the one Niya gave me for Christmas


“Oh, sure let me get Tina for you” I watch as she walks down a hall and disappear into an office, I'm standing there for a minute or so when she comes walkin' back out with another woman. She licks her lips the second she sees me, I know that look most women have it when they see the Cut. The look that says bend me over and fuck me or let me suck your dick look, the bitch is eye fuckin' me big time

“Hello the bitch says holdin' out her hand but I ignore it and she drops it to her side, she smiles Tina Zeno I understand you’re interested in one of the properties on our listings” I nod my head