The Devils Baby(8)

By: Cilla Lee


I'd asked Maggie and Razor not to tell anyone I was coming home, I needed time to adjust time to come to terms with just being in the same town with Colt let alone a room with him. Pulling into the driveway Maggie came running out and yanks my door open.

“Oh, honey I've missed you so much” she pulls me into her and then holds me at arm’s length and looks down and I know she felt my belly.

“Niya” she says and I smile and rub my belly “You’re pregnant” I just nod my head when Maggie steps aside and Razor pulls me into a big bear hug and twirls me around.

“Razor put her down” Maggie yells and she grabs me again we get into the house but I'm so tired I could sleep for a week, Maggie pulls me to the sofa and sits holding my hand “You’re pregnant”

“WHAT?” Razor yells and looks down at my belly “fuck Niya” he says

“I am” I tell them smiling while rubbing my belly again

“Can I” Maggie holds up her hand and I nod she places her hand on my belly and rubs gently, Razor sits behind her and he looks at me smiling

“How far along are you?” she asks me

“Four and a half months”

“Is the baby healthy”

“Um hum” I nod and reach into my purse and pull out the ultrasound photo the doctor gave me

“Oh Niya” Maggie says pulling me to her and Razor grabs us both and the three of us hug


It takes me a few days to adjust being home Maggie and Razor are on top of the world but all I feel is dread. I know I have to see Colt and my brain has forgiven him but my heart is still broken.

“You heading over there now honey”

“Yeah, I have to get this over with, the sooner the better”

“Good luck sweetie” Maggie gives me one of her amazing hugs and I feel some of the tension leave


I'd decided I needed to get this over with and confront Colt, I'll tell him about the baby and I'll move forward for our child... (yeah drop the bomb and leave solid plan) I head over to the Garage the club own and I see Colt’s bike, I'm so nervous I feel sick... it takes me a few minutes to build up the courage when there's a tap on the window and I scream...

“hay Niya you coming in or you just ganna sit there” Tucker says smiling at me, I get out of the car my palms sweating and my tummy all fluttery, the baby must feel my apprehension because it keeps moving.

“Hay Tucker how have you been” I ask him and he just smiles

“Good girl...... you” he asks and pulls me in for a hug

“I'm good is Colt in their”

“Yeah darlin' you want me to get him” I nod and he walks off toward the garage.



“Hay dumbass you got a visitor” Tucker says walkin' in and he nods to the outside doors, I get up and I see her fuck my heart is racing. I wash my hands so fast and walk towards her (god she looks good) but the one thing that still looks good is her locket around her neck.

“Hay” she says and I can see the pain in her eyes

“Niya I need to......” she holds up a hand to stop me talking

“Colt I've come to clear things up because we'll see each other around and I don't want things to be difficult between us

“Baby please”

“DON'T” she yells and stops...... closing her eyes and I know she's doing that to hold back the tears “please Colt just don't”

“Niya I didn't fuck Star, I promise baby I didn't” I take a step towards her but she takes one back

“Colt you were in bed together naked and you’re telling me you didn't fuck” I can see the pain in her eyes again

“Niya baby please it's the truth”

“I said don't” she looks right at me with such hatred I step back, she takes a deep breath and hands me a piece of paper. I look at it but don’t have a clue I hold it one way than the other

“What's this?”

“Look harder Colt” I turn it around and I'm looking at a black and white picture

“What the fuck is this?”

“Our child Colt”

“What?” she places her hands on her stomach