The Devils Baby(7)

By: Cilla Lee

“Oh, honey come home please” my heart bursts with emotions maybe it's the pregnancy hormones who cares I'm just glad to talk to her “honey”


“Come home” I nod my head even though she can't see me

“I don't......” (will everyone hate me I'm scared to see Colt) all these things run through my mind

“Honey please we want you here come home”

“Is everyone, mad I just left?”

“Honey everyone understands, we just want you home”

“Maggie” I stop but I know she knows what I'm asking

“He's good honey misses you like crazy”

“He does” more tears run down my face (no your still pissed)

“Please honey where are you, I've been so worried”

“I'm sorry Maggie”

“For what? honey”

“For making you worry, I just needed time you know”

“Honey, I get that it was a shock but you need to come home, you need to face what happened so you can move on with or without Colt”

“Ok Mag's, it'll take me a few days to get there”

“Honey take your time please be careful and call tomorrow ok”

“I will I'm packing now Mag's”

“see you soon honey I love you”

“I love you to Mag's, you and Razor” I hang up and get my things together.

Chapter Three


I grab my keys and run to the door, my drive to the clubhouse is the fastest I've ever driven

“RAZOR” I yell running into the clubhouse

“Fuck Maggie are you ok” Gunner asks me

“Where's Razor?”

“Out the back Mag's are you o.....” but I run off before he finishes

“RAZOR” I yell again and I see him come walking around the corner and I run straight to him

“Baby what the fuck what's wrong?”

“She called Razor”


“Niya she's on her way home”

“Oh baby” he lets out a loud breath and hugs me tight

“Is she ok, where is she”

“She said she's fine she didn't say where she is only that it will take her a few days to get back”

“Oh, baby come here” he hugs me even tighter

“Our girls coming home honey”

“Yes, she is” he whispers and kisses my temple holding me tight while I cry in his arms.



Leaving was actually harder than I thought not leaving the motel or the dinner, but leaving Brandy. We'd gotten to know each other so well, I felt like she was a sister I never had.

“You’re leaving, when? Why?” she asked

“It's time to go home Brandy” I knew I was always going to, but leaving her felt wrong

“Come with me” I tell her


“Come with me, you'll love Coral City it’s just like this place, but we'll be together and...”

“No sweetie that's your life not mine”


“No buts Niya, I'll be fine we'll talk all the time”

“But I don't want to leave you here alone”

“Oh, chicky I've been alone my whole life, I always survive”

“Are you sure”

“Of course, now let me help you pack it's a long drive” We spend the next hour packing my things saying goodbye to Big Jim and the others at the dinner, but just before I get in my car I give Brandy a big hug.

“Call me when you get home” she says

“I will”

“Stay in touch Brandy promise me”

“I promise now go home chicky, I'm going to get hammered”


“Go Niya I'll miss you” she taps the top of my car and I pull out and watch her through my rear-view mirror waving.


The drive was long, longer than I remembered and by the state line I was feeling very nervous, I'd made up my mind that I would forgive Colt, well in my minds scenario it was going to be fine but seeing him was going to be even harder especially now that my tummy had a nice round plumpness to it. How was I going to tell him about the baby and Star, god I could never look at that women again. I was never going to the clubhouse ever I just couldn’t face that yet, the pain still an open wound and oozing with sorrow and I wasn’t strong enough just yet. No, I had to face Maggie and Razor first than tackle the rest.