The Devils Baby(6)

By: Cilla Lee

“Why would you cheat on her?”

“Maggie, I was fuckin' wasted but I know I never fucked Star, I was to fuckin' drunk. I wouldn't have been able to get my dick up, I'm tellin' you I didn't fuck her”

“You’re telling me you didn't fuck her”

“That's what I'm tellin' you Mag's” we sit there for ages not saying anything in an uncomfortable silence


“Yeah Maggie”

“Do you think she'll come back?” I see tears in her eyes and it cuts me deep, I’ve known Maggie years and not once have I seen her cry

“Yeah Maggie I do” I tell her hopin’ it’s true and Niya does come back

“You do why?”

“Because she loves you and Razor” she bursts into tears and I stand up and pull her up for a hug

“It's been almost three months Colt, I'm so worried” and for the first time in months I don't feel pain of not having her here, I feel anger for what she's doing to Maggie and Razor...



“Niya you ready girl” Brandy asks from the door

“Almost” I yell and open the door for her

“You look good”

“I feel good today”

“Yeah no more morning sickness”

“No, I woke up feeling great” when I came home from the clinic and told Brandy I was pregnant she was happy for me but sad for herself


“You’re pregnant Oh My God girl what are you going to do”

“I'm keeping my baby” and I rub my tummy knowing my little babies in there “This is me and Colt”

“Oh, honey, are you sure there’s a lot of options these days” she pulls me in for a hug, there not as good as Maggie's but there still comforting

“Yeah Brandy, I am sure I want this baby”

“Well fuck who am I going to drink with now” she says making me laugh

“You could always drink with the old bitch at reception” she shivers

“Eww, fuck no but I'm happy for ya honey really happy” I see a bit of sadness in her eyes

“You ever want to have kids Brandy” our conversation turning serious

“Maybe one day, I'm only twenty-seven so who knows, one day I'll find Mr. Right and I'll have ten babies”

“Ten” she shrugs

“Maybe” she says smiling


It's been a couple of weeks now and Brandy and I have been talking a lot about home and Colt, Maggie and Razor and the rest of the guys, she was shocked that I belonged to The Devils Soldiers mc

“Are they all, you know sexy” she wiggles her eyebrows

“Eww there like my Uncles but yes, they are” we both laugh

“You got any photos” I pull out my phone and show her the guys when she stops on Blaze and I at one of the BBQ's

“Who is that hunk of a man?”

“Oh, that's Blaze he's the Enforcer”

“Dam I love for him to enforce me if you know what I mean”

“Brandy no” I shake my head

“What? come on he's gorgeous”

“He's cute but Colt’s the only guy I look at like that”

“Well I think he's sexy as fuck, you’re lucky you have so many people who care about you Niya, it's only me and let me tell ya it's a lonely world when you've got no-one”

“Oh, Brandy, you have me” I pull her in for a hug

“Thanks, chicky babe you have me to”

Thinking about what Brandy had said to me had me thinking, I’d pick my phone up every day but never had the courage to actually hit the call button but I'm feeling myself now I still cry over Colt but now I have a purpose and I miss Maggie and Razor (and Colt).

“Hello” Maggie answers but I'm not sure it is her she sounds different and I look at my phone to make sure it is her number

“Maggie” I ask to make sure it's her

“Oh god Niya, Honey where are you are you ok” I smile that's her that's Maggie, she starts crying which sets me off to

“Maggie” I say again

“Honey, are you ok” she stammers threw her tears

“I'm good.... better” I tell her