The Devils Baby(4)

By: Cilla Lee

“How long has this been going on for”

“A couple of months now”

“Are you stressed about something” (yeah, the love of my life is an asshole and he cheated on me) but I don't say that I just shake my head


“It could be a number of things, but we'll get the obvious out of the way first do you think you could be pregnant”

“No! I don't think so I mean... I'm on the pill and I take it religiously” (fuck I didn't even think of being pregnant)

“Well let’s make sure before we go any further, I'd rather make sure you’re not and then we can go from there ok” she hands me a small cup “Toilets just out the door to the left” It takes me a while before I pee and when I get back in I hand it to the doctor “Ok let’s see” she takes the sample from me, I can't see what she's doing when she turns around and she's holding up a pink stick “Well it seems congratulations are in order, you are indeed pregnant” I think I might have had a mini stroke as I stare at the pink stick in her hand.

“I can't be pregnant, I take my pill every morning... I can't be”

“Honey you'd be surprised at how many women I see in a year that get pregnant on some type of contraception, there not always 100%”

“Oh god” I start to hyperventilate and the doctor grabs a bag and snaps it open

“Put your mouth on this and breath” I do, as instructed and breath into the bag

“I'm guessing this is a surprise” I just nod at her “how long have you been sexually active”

“Not long”

“Do you use any other forms of contraception”

“Just the pill”

“Nothing else”


“Ok when was your last period”

“Last November”

“Have you been sick lately a cold anything like that”

“I had tonsillitis a few months back”

“Where you on any medication from that?”

“Yes, the doctor prescribed antibiotics”

“Did the doctor happen to mention that any form of antibiotic cancels your contraception”

“No, he fucking didn't” I feel pissed off and scared I'm fucking pregnant (fucking pregnant.... shit) I'm only nineteen for fucks sake!

“Ok sit back and relax long breaths in slow breaths out, and I'll just step out and get the ultrasound machine and we'll have a look and see what's going on in there ok” she smiles at me patting my leg and leaving me breathing into the paper bag. She comes in a few minutes later pushing a machine with a screen and tubes

“Ok Niya scoot down a little for me and let’s see what's going on lift your shirt for me and this is just a little gel so we can see” and she squirts some clear fluid onto my stomach

“Argh that’s cold”

“Sorry” she picks up one of the tubes with a ball on the end of it and presses it into my stomach and the screen comes to life and then a loud thumping sound echoes in the room

“What's that noise?”

“That's the baby's heart beat and this is your baby” she points to the screen, I can't really understand what I'm looking at but I burst into tears

“That's my baby” she nods smiling at me

“Let’s take some measurements” she pushes some button and clicking other things “Would you like a photo” I nod

“Yes please, is the baby healthy”

“It looks all good Niya, heart rate is healthy nothing out of the ordinary, I'd say you were around fourteen weeks” I'm having a baby and for the first time in weeks my heart bursts with happiness and starts coming to life I'm having a baby and I start crying with happy tears.

“Do you want me to give you a moment”

“No, I'm good”

“Ok so... how are you feeling”


“You'll be fine sweetheart, the nausea should teeter off within the next couple of weeks and you'll feel a lot more energized when you get food into you, I've got some pamphlets here about pregnancy and I'll write you a prescription for vitamins, is there anything you want to ask me” I shake my head no I've gone completely blank (I'm pregnant...fuck)