The Devils Baby(28)

By: Cilla Lee


“Yeah baby”

“Thank you for today”

“That was all mom and Maggie baby”

“Still thank you” he leans in kissing me on my neck

“I love you Niya” I smile

“I love you Colt”

Chapter Eleven


When I wake the next morning Niya's in my arms and I pull her to me and I breath her in, her scent is out of this fuckin' world, I lean back a bit and I see my brand on her perfect skin, yesterday when she came down stairs and I saw it my heart stopped, knowing she belonged to me and that every fucker out there would see it made me the fuckin' happiest man even Stryker noticed my happiness

“Fuck brother you look fuckin' happy” he’d said

“I do”

“Yeah you fuckin' do, what brought that on”

“Watch” I motion to Niya who's saying hi to everyone and then she turns around and I smile again

“Your smiling cause you can see her property brand”

“Yes, I'm fuckin' happy cause you can see it”

“Is, she ever ganna puttin’ her jacket back on”

“Fuck man I hope so, it's Razor’s birthday in a couple of weeks and Maggie always has a huge party at the clubhouse and I want her to be there with her jacket on”

“I'm happy for ya brother” he slaps me on the back when I hear Cookie yell

“No fuckin' cheatin' asshole” he yells at Cuff

“I wasn't fuckin' lookin'”

“Yes, you fuckin' where”

“No, I wasn't asshole” Maggie had started a game where you had to guess the flavor of some baby food the winner won a bottle of Jack Daniels

“Don't fuckin' look” Cookie yells again as Cuff tries to look at his sheet

“You two fuckin' quit it” Razor yelled and we all laughed, Maggie ran through the flavors

“Ok who had them all” and Cuff jumps up

“I did” Cookie grabs his sheet to check it

“Motherfucker he does” Cuff gives Cookie the finger"

“Told all you, assholes when Niya's around me I always win” he winks at her, Cuffs was on a losing streak and the second Niya came into town the fucker won five-grand on the lotto. So now he calls her his lucky charm and he's always touching her, three times I pulled her away from him and the last I'd had enough and had to warn him

“Brother if you keep touchin' my women I'm ganna rip off your arm and beat you to death with it”

“Fuck off Colt she brings me luck”

“Yeah well just don't fuckin' touch her”

“Colt relax he's only touching my arm”

“I don't give a fuck”

“Argh your impossible” she storms off and I give Cuff the finger (fuckin' asshole) the fuckin’ asshole laughin’ his ass off


I pull her onto her back and scoot down, I want to lean in and suck on her nipples but I scoot down more and watch her belly. My son moves around and I place my hand on the movements, I am amazed at it he was in there. Niya and my son us something we made him together and I lean in and kiss her belly and whisper.

“Hay little man” I rub my hand over her belly again and she grabs my hand and I look up at her

“What are you doing Colt?” she asks me

“Saying good mornin' to our son” she places her hand on mine again smilin’ (fuck she’s gorgeous)


“Yeah baby”

“Kiss me” I lean up and kiss her lips while still rubbing her belly

“Kiss me lower” she says and I smile and kiss under her chin

“Lower” I kiss her neck

“Lower” I kiss in between her breast

“Lower” I kiss her belly button

“Lower” her breathing becomes louder and I kiss just under her belly and pull her panties off

“Lower” she spreads her legs and I kiss her pussy lips

“Now suck on my pussy Colt make me come” (fuck yeah) I lick up her slit and part her lips with my fingers opening her up and licking again “Yes Colt” she grinds her pussy on my face, I lift the little hood of her clit and lick it quickly and glide my finger in “OH, FUCK COLT YES JUST THERE” I rub and lick her again and she moves fast and her pussy gets wetter