The Devils Baby(26)

By: Cilla Lee

“That what Colt?”

“That you'll regret it and you'll leave” he pulls me to him and hugs me tightly “I love you so much baby and I'm doing everything to be the man that deserves you” I lose it and burst into tears

“Hay” he pulls me to his chest

“I'm sorry I left”

“Baby don't you dare be sorry I fucked up but I'm going to prove that I'm worth coming back for” I cry more letting all of the stress of him cheating, me running and being scared I cry it all out and let it go, and he holds me the entire time


I wake the next morning to an empty bed and I feel the side where Colt slept and it's cold, I stretch and feel the baby moving

“Morning little man” I rub my belly, after having a quick shower, I put my clothes that I had on yesterday and make my way into the kitchen to look for my purse

“Mornin’ baby”

“AARRGH” I scream and jump my heart in my mouth

“Fuck baby did I scare you” Colt says a little worried

“Just a little” I tell him still holding my chest

“Just a little” he asks me smiling and I wave my hand like it was nothing “Ok you hungry”

“Always” he sets a plate of bacon and eggs in front of me

“Um smells amazing”

“Eat! feed my son and then where going over to my Grandma's”

“Colt I need to change I wore these cloths all day yesterday so I need to go home... Oh shit where's my phone” I jump up and look for my purse

“What's wrong?”

“I need to call Maggie she must be out of her mind with worry”

“Don't worry about that baby I called her last night”

“You did when?”

“When you feel asleep”

“Oh, was she ok”

“With what?”

“With me sleeping over”

“Baby you’re an adult you can sleep where ever you want and yes she was fine with you staying here”

“Oh, good I don't want her to worry, I feel like shit enough that I worried her when I left”

“Come here” he pulls me into his chest and the beat of his heart calms me

“Now sit and eat”


“Baby come on the fuck your taking forever” he yells through my bedroom door

“Colt just give me a minute everything takes me twice as long these days so just go back down stairs and wait” I yell at him from my bed, I've been sitting here for ages in my bra and panties trying to decide what to wear everything is getting tighter and I'm feeling more pissed off every time I try something on, I pull out this and that and before I know it Colt’s banging on the door again

“Niya for fucks sake how long does it take to put on something” I storm over to the door and swing it open

“Colt I'm going to kill you go back down stairs and wait” I slam the door in his face and walk over and lie on my bed with my arms over my head, the door opens and I look up and Colt’s standing there

“Babe what the fuck are you doin'”

“Get out Colt”

“Baby it looks like the closet threw up in here” I look around and there are cloths everywhere on the floor all over my bed and even on my desk

“Colt go away”

“Baby what's wrong”

“What's wrong? are you blind Colt, look at me I'm huge and nothing fits me anymore. I can't go to your Grandma's I'm sorry go without me” he comes over and sits beside me on the bed

“You want me to make you feel better” I look up at him and he's smiling

“No Colt I don't want you to make me feel better” even though my brain and body are screaming yes

“Ok let me help than” he starts picking things up and showing me combinations of clothes together I keep shaking my head at his bad color choices and I start to laugh

“Really Colt I'm not wearing that”

“What it's cute like you” he holds up a romper I'd bought last year it's nice for someone who's a size ten but not for the size I am

“Colt I wouldn't even be able to get that over my belly let alone thighs” and I slap my leg