The Devils Baby(24)

By: Cilla Lee

Chapter Nine


I hear her moan and I want to jump up and go in there my fuckin' dicks as hard as steel, but my brain knows better she needs time and there's no chance in hell I'm fuckin' this up, my dick is just ganna have to wait for my women to come around...

I'm woken with a noise coming from somewhere in the house and I jump up and grab my gun, walking slowly with my gun raised I make my way to the kitchen where I can see a light and I slowly creep around

“Freeze” Niya screams and a plate drops smashing on the floor, I turn on the light “Fuck baby what the hell are you doing”

“I was hungry” I lift my head up and shake it

“Baby I could have shot you, why didn't you wake me up”

“Colt I know how to feed myself and look at the mess you made me make” I look down at the bowl of left over mash potatoes all over her legs and the floor

“Fuck sorry baby” I step forward and grab a cloth, she goes to bend down

“Baby stop I've got it don't move” I lift her up and she squeals

“Colt put me down I'm too heavy”

“Shut up” I pick her up and place her on the counter and clean up all the mashed potato

“Be careful you'll cut yourself” she warns me

“Baby I've got it” I clean the floor and cupboard doors, I see she has some on her leg so I grab her foot and lift it up

“Colt what are you doing” she asks when I grab her

“You have the mash potato on your legs let me clean them” I raise her leg higher and the shirt slides back and I can see her pussy, I gulp and look away fast my dick getting hard again and I feel like I'm ganna come in my boxers she's got me so worked up

“Colt I can do that” she tries to push me away but I hold her leg tighter

“Baby I've got it” I clean all the mash potato off of her legs and hear her stomach growl, I try not to laugh but it's hard

“So, you’re hungry” I ask smirkin' at her

“God yes”

“What do you want?” I go over to the fridge and open it “Ok we've got eggs some bacon, sausages, couple of steaks... um... cheese peppers and onion.... how about I make you an omelet”

“An omelet”

“Yeah with the lot”

“Yum that sounds good” I love the excitement in her eyes just like the old Niya

“Ok you wanna help”


“Here” I hand her the cheese and get the grater out of the cupboard

“Grate that and I'll cut up the rest” It becomes a very domesticated situation and I can't help but smile

“What are you smiling at?” she asks me

“Just happy baby that's all” I get back to cutting everything up and watch her out the corner of my eye (fuck she's gorgeous)

“Go sit I got this” I tell her and she goes over and sits at the table

“Yum Colt this is really good”

“Thank you”

We sit and eat and I get a glass of milk for both of us

“Thank you” I watch her eat and within minutes it's all gone


“Yes, please I am eating for two after all” I smile and give her another serving

“So how has work been”

“Good I really love working at the shop the guys are great and I love Chelsea, I'm even thinking about getting another tattoo after the babies born”

“Oh yeah what of”

“The babies name somewhere”

“That sounds good, have you thought about your birth plan yet”

“Colt don't start”

“What the doctor said you need to look into it?”

“Just drop it”

“Ok what about lamas’ class do you want to start those soon”

“Yeah Maggie and I are going to look I already told you that”

“I know it's just......I want to do it with you”

“You do”

“Yeah I got this DVD and everything”

“A DVD of what”

“Of women giving birth”

“Shut up you did not” she says

“I fuckin did” I get up and go to the kitchen draw