The Devils Baby(23)

By: Cilla Lee


“Yeah baby I'm hungry and really need to pee” he laughs at me and helps me up

“I'll make us something baby you go to the bathroom” Washing my hands in the gorgeous bathroom I sigh at the tub again, god I'd love to get in there and relax

“Why don't you try it out” Colt says looking at me through the door, I shake my head even though my body is screaming yes

“I shouldn't”

“Yes, you should” he walks in and turns the taps on and I slowly watch the tub fill, Colt puts in some lavender scented bath oil and it hit my senses relaxing me deep down “Get in baby” he kisses me on the neck and leaves me in the bathroom alone with the gorgeous tub, I strip down folding my clothes and placing them on the counter put my hair into a top bun and place one foot in the water its perfect I slowly lower myself into it breathing in the lavender scented water, all the muscles relax when I'm fully amerced my head leaning on the edge and my body floating in the water

(knock knock)


“Um hum”

“Dinners ready baby”

“Oh, ok Colt I'll be out in a minute” I don't know how long I was in there, I must have dosed off because the next thing I know Colt’s leaning over me running his fingers on my cheek

“Baby” I open my eyes to him smiling at me “You fell asleep”

“Oh, did I, I was so relaxed”

“Come on” he holds up a towel for me and I step out of the tub

“You still hungry” I nod my head as my stomach growls

“Here” he hands me a big white fluffy bathrobe one like you get in fancy hotels

“Put this on”

“No, I'll put my clothes back on its ok”

“The foods getting cold” he grabs my hand and pulls me to the kitchen

“Oh, what's that smell?” my mouth watering

“Well seeing I didn't know you were coming over I only had some steaks and potatoes”

“Oh, it smells really good Colt”

“Sit” he places the plate in front of me and I take a deep breath

“Um smells good”

“Dig in you want gravy” I look at him like he's crazy


“Colt you can't eat steak without gravy” he laughs


“My Grandma's been saying that for years” we both laugh

“Smart women” I say

“Don't I know it” Colt says and smiles at me. Where sitting on the sofa later and I have my feet in Colt’s lap again, where watching a comedy on TV when I look at him (god I really do love him) he turns to me and smiles

“You ok baby” I nod and look at the time it's ten o'clock

“Shit I better be going Colt it's late” he grabs my legs so I can't get up


“What no, I have to get home”

“Please Niya stay”

“I don't know......Maggie will be worried and”

“Please baby you can even sleep in the spare room just stay” I look at him and my heart aches, I want to stay but I'm so scared

“Please” I bite my lip (STAY) my brain screams and I smile giving in

“Fine in the spare room” he smiles

“In the spare room” he repeats and he eases up on my legs and we watch the rest of the show


“Baby wake up”

“What? Why?”

“Come on you feel asleep”

“Oh, what time is it”

“It's eleven-thirty baby come on” he helps me up and I relies I'm still in the bathrobe from my earlier bath, I pull it tighter around me

“Do you have something I can sleep in”

“Yeah come on” he pulls me towards his bedroom, here you go and he hands me on of his t-shirt

“Where are you going?”

“To the spare room”

“No baby your sleeping here in my bed”


“Don't panic I'm sleeping in the spare room, my beds way more comfortable than the spare”

“Oh ok” I eye the bed and feel excited, it's huge. He pecks me on the lips and walks out leaving me in his room alone, I slip out of the bathrobe and put on Colt’s shirt, it's huge on me going all the way to my knees. I climb into his bed and melt, it feels so amazing it's so soft I feel like I'm lying on a cloud. I melt into the middle of the huge bed and I pull the comforter over me instantly feeling relaxed, the smell of Colt is over powering and I feel myself getting wet with the thought of him lying in here, god I'm so fucking horny this pregnancy has all of my hormones on overload, I lift up my shirt and run my palms over my sensitive nipples and feel a jolt straight to my pussy, even blowing on them these days have me almost orgasming, I lower my hand to my pussy and rub. I feel myself getting wetter by the second and I moan imagining Colt between my legs, god I've never masturbated so much in all my life and right at this moment I miss my little clit stimulator I got at the sex store. I rub my pussy and pinch my nipple and I moan a little louder Colt's scent causing me to get hotter. I can feel the building in my body and I rub faster I grab the pillow and place it over my face, I come hard my body relaxing with the release, when I calm down I take the pillow off my face and pull Colt's pillow to my chest and fall asleep happy and content and even more relaxed.