The Devils Baby(22)

By: Cilla Lee

“Good I heard you and Colt have been talking” I look at her as she's driving

“Oh yeah who told you that”

“Honey the clubhouse grape vine has all the gossip” she says

“Clubhouse grapevine”

“Yep you tell one person something and within the hour everyone knows, soooo....... you and Colt huh!”

“Yeah where just seeing where it goes”

“Oh, honey” she says patting me on the leg “It's going back to you and Colt being together again that’s where it’s going”

“How do you know”

“Because your both in love with each other and that's a rare thing to find, the one you’re supposed to be with”

“The one”

“Yeah honey from the moment that boy meet you he was in love and you were with him”

“True Romeo and Juliet huh” I say

“Fuck no those dumbasses killed themselves you and Colt, you’re the epitome of love, one soul finding the other. Out of all the billions on this planet you've found your other half, just like when I found Tank”

“But he cheated on me, how can he love me like that”

“Honey he fucked up he was wasted and I'm not saying that excuses it but he fucking fell apart when you weren’t here, he doesn't even drink at the club much anymore, he loves you Niya just don't throw that away without really and I mean really thinking about your life without him”

“It’s a lot of work”

“Honey marriage is the hardest job apart from being a mother that you will ever have, and anybody who says that it shouldn't be hard is an idiot”

“What do you mean?”

“People change we grow where supposed to evolve as humans”

“But what if”

“Don't Niya, what ifs those two little words could stop you from living your life, just take a chance and see where it goes”

“Your right I do love Colt, can I take a rain check on tonight”

“Oh, all right do you want me to drop you off at home”

“No can you take me to Colt’s” she smiles at me

“Of course,” as we pull up to Colt’s I see him sitting on the porch swing

“Thanks Lena” she winks at me

“I want all the dets girl” she honks her horn and pulls back down the drive and Colt comes down the steps towards me my nipples harden at the sight of him

“Hay baby what's wrong?”

“Thought I'd take you up on the foot rub”

“You want a foot rub” I nod my head

“Come on” he holds out his hand and I place mine in his and it just feels right this is where I belong with Colt.

“Lay down and give me those feet baby” I lay on his huge black leather sofa and he sits at the other end and lifts one leg than the other taking off my sandals

“Oh god Colt that feels so good” he pushes a little harder in the arch of my feet and I moan (god that's amazing) “Yep just there oh god that feels so good” he rubs my toes individually, the balls of my feet on the arch around my ankles and up my calf back and forth over and over. The tension in my body slowly releases the baby moves and kicks me, reminding me not to get to comfortable cause now I need to pee again

“What's wrong?” Colt asks looking worried

“The babies moving” he looks at my belly

“Can I feel” I nod and he moves to sit closer to me and reaches to place a hand on my belly and stops

“It won't bite Colt”

“I know... it's.... you've said I couldn't”

I'd yelled at him last week when I had to go to the garage with Maggie about the truck and Tucker had giving me a big hug and he felt the baby move, amazed at how much the baby kicked even Stryker had a feel but when Colt went to touch me I backed away holding my hands over my son and told him no, I don't know why I did it I just panicked when he went to touch me, I grab his hand and place it over a spot I can feel the baby move and he looks up in shock

“Holy fuck baby he kicked my hand”

“Yeah well he kicks me all the time”

“Oh god it's amazing our son baby you and me” he leans over and places a kiss on my fat belly