The Devils Baby(21)

By: Cilla Lee

“Really that's the important one”

“Yeah that's the one I can help you with plus maybe a foot rub”

“Colt you’re a pig” I pull over to the side of the road and turn to look at her

“Baby I fuckin' miss you” I say leanin' closer to her

“Colt please” she says a bit breathy and I watch her tits move faster as she breathes harder, I bet any money if I felt her pussy she'd be wet

“Have dinner with me again”


“Please baby I'll even give you a foot rub”

“A foot rub”

“Um hum” I nod my head smiling my dick hard as fuck

“Ok but not tonight, Maggie's and me are going to see about signing up for my lamas’ classes”

“What the fuck? why is she takin' you, I'm the dad?” (and my dicks gone soft)

“I know it's just she wants to help, I want to include her in this Colt”

“Baby I know you want her there but this and I point a finger back and forth between us, is us and our baby and I'm ganna be there when he's born”

“You wanna be there”

“Fuckin' oath I do, this is my son I wanna see him come into this world baby he's you and me” I reach around her neck and pull her to me and whisper “I love you baby” I kiss her on the lips softly at first she goes to push me away but I pull her harder to me and I slip my tongue in her mouth and she moans my dick getting' hard again

“Colt” she says pushing me away “I need to get to work” I groan wantin’ to take her home and lock her up but I kiss her

“Ok baby” I pull back out and head to the tattoo shop, I get out and open her door unbuckle her and help her down touchin’ her as much as I can

“I'll be by at five to get you baby” I pull her to me and kiss her again (fuck I love her lips)

“No, it's ok Lena's coming to get me, Tank's going to the clubhouse tonight so she's coming over for dinner.

“Oh, ok see you tomorrow mornin' than” (fuckin' Tank needs a punch)

“See you tomorrow Colt” I hand her, her bag and watch her walk into the shop, fuck I miss her already (pussy) my mind says but I don't give a fuck when it comes to her I'd do anythin'.


“Yo, Colt you coming to the clubhouse tonight” Tucker asks me

“What for?” Chance is having a couple of drinks for his Birthday

“Oh, fuck I forgot that was today”

“You coming”

“Yeah for a couple”


SHOT SHOT SHOT SHOT was yelled Stryker, Tank, Chance, Tiny and Gunner all shooting shots back trying to outdo each other

“Hay Colt” Summer the new club whore rubbed herself on my arm

“Hay Summer”

“You want some company tonight?”

“Nah darlin' don't do club whores any more” She pouts her lips and rubs her tits on my arm again

“Why not you don't have an Old Lady or a girlfriend”

“Who the fuck told you that?” I ask getting' pissed off

“Pixie! She said I should come over and keep you company”

“Fuckin' Pixie” I mumble, I look over and Pixie's sittin' on Nash's lap

“Nah darlin' I'm off the market, go see the birthday boy I'm sure he'd be more than happy to keep you company”

“Ok if you say so” I watch her walk way shakin' her hips tryin' to look sexy but it just makes me miss Niya more

“You leavin'” Stryker slurs slappin' me on the back

“Yeah man I'm fuckin' tired”

“Pussy!... come have some drinks” he says but I just shake my head

“Nah” I push him off of me “Just ganna go home and sleep, see ya tomorrow man” When I get to my bike I look up at the clubhouse it just doesn’t feel the same anymore, the place feels tainted and I hate that cause this place has so many good memories. But when I look at it now it only has bad ones, ridin' home I'm so tempted to go and see Niya every fuckin' fiber of my being is screaming for her but I don't want to push, but fuck I miss her

Chapter Eight


“Hay Lena how was your day” I ask her getting into the car