The Devils Baby(20)

By: Cilla Lee

“Oh, honey Star's not even at the clubhouse anymore”

“She's not”

“No, she left, didn't say a thing just packed her bags and left”

“She just left why?”

“Who cares she gone and that's all that counts” I think about Colt telling me that he didn't do anything and for some reason I'm thinking maybe he's telling the truth

“Oh, how did the guys feel about her going”

“They were pissed at first but they found other women”

“There's new whores at the club” she nods her head yes

“Honey it's just the way of the of club life and unfortunately whores will always be a part of it”

“I fucking hate them” I tell her

“I know the feeling”

“Is that Pixie bitch still there”

“Yeah she's still there”

“So, who are the new girls”

“There's four new ones, Sherry, Summer, Nancy and Tanya”

“What, are they like?”

“There whores, who cares what there like” we both laugh and I need to pee again

Chapter Seven


Waking up the next day I felt like I could breath, Niya was giving us a chance and there was no way in hell I was ganna fuck it up. Pullin into the driveway Razor was out at Maggie's truck

“Mornin’ boss what you doing”

“The fuckin' thing won't start again, I thought you boys fixed it, Maggie's got shit to do all day”

“Let me have a look go turn it over” Razor tries to start it and it tries to kick over but just won’t”

“Sounds like the starter motor or the fuel pump”

“Fuckin' things a piece of shit”

“Just get her a new car”

“Yeah, I think I might, something so she can put a baby seat in”

“A baby seat”

“Yeah the girls will probably wanna do girly shit at some stage with the rug rat so she'll need a car seat for the little man”

“Yeah, I suppose” Niya comes out the door and fuck she looks good, her hairs plaited and she has on a black skin-tight dress with the tattoo logo on her chest and black sandals, my fuckin' dick is instantly hard just lookin' at her

“Mornin' baby” I say running up the stairs to help her down


“Where trying right?”

“Yes, we are”

“Than just go with it baby please”

“Fine here take this” she hands me a big bag

“What the fuck is in this?” I look in it and it's filled with food

“My food”

“Baby there's a fuckin' grocery store in here”

“Colt I'm hungry all the time, this kid has me eating none stop”

“Yeah I can fuckin' vouch for that” Razor says coming up behind me

“Caught her in the fridge at three o'clock in the fuckin' morning eatin' the left-over pasta Maggie made for dinner

“I was hungry”

“Oh, and what about when I caught you again at five”

“I was still hungry” I start laughing and so does Razor

“Niya you eat more than a sumo wrestler”

“Don't judge me I'm eating for two” Razor shakes his head smilin' at her

“Come on baby” I grab her hand not wantin' her to fall but really it's just so I can touch her, I help her into my truck and buckle her belt for her”

“Colt I can do that”

“I know but I want to” I kiss her on the nose and climb back out

“So…how do you feel” I ask her as I drive her to work

“How do I feel” she says a little annoyed

“Colt I'm the size of a house, I eat every ten minutes, I pee every other minute, my boobs are sore, I'm horny as fuck, my feet are swollen and I'm tired and cranky 100% of the time, anything else you wanna know”

“Your horny” I ask looking at her

“I tell you all of that and the only thing you get out of it all is that I'm horny” (fuck yes) my dick perks up at the thought of her being horny her glistenin’ pussy has my mouth watering

“Fuck baby that's the most important one” I tell her