The Devils Baby(2)

By: Cilla Lee

“Nineteen where practically neighbors, how long you been here?” she asks me

“About a week I think” not really sure of how many days have gone by

“Oh, I haven't seen you around”

“I stay in my room mostly”

“You hiding”

“No why?”

“I don't know, you’re in a shitty motel and your hiding out in your room” I smile and shake my head

“Just needed a break from life”

“And you choose the Sunset Motel to vacation” I laugh, because out of the places to holiday this would be the last place on earth I’d come to

“No, I just saw it and stopped”

“Well I'm glad you did, now we can get to know each other” Brandy proceeds to tell me about her life and I mean her whole life and how she ended up here. She'd followed her boyfriend here who then cheated on her for a guy named Arthur, I really don't know what to say to that only that only he must have been crazy because Brandy was gorgeous.

“So why are you here really and don't give me you just needed a vacation bullshit”

“I had a fight with my boyfriend and I needed a break”

“He, cheat on you to” I nodded and burst into tears, the sting of his betrayal still hurting

“Oh, honey it'll be alright” I cry so hard I start to hiccup and she pats me on the back comforting me

“Fucking men there all assholes, how about we go out and get pissed and celebrate being single” she says wrapping her arms around my shoulders, I look at her smiling and wipe my tears away

“Fuck it why not” I tell her and she laughs

“Thata’ girl how about we meet in my room around seven and well go and get something to eat first”

“Sounds good”

“See ya later chicky babe” she winks at me as she leaves, I like her instantly



“Where the fuck is she, it's been eight fuckin' days and nothin'” I yell at Stryker, he was the one that woke my ass up after Niya ran out and I searched all day for her.

“Brother sit down, you need to eat man catch a breath”

“Catch a breath, she's fuckin' gone Stryker.... she's fuckin' gone”

“Fuck man I know, I'm sorry”

“I'm tellin' you man, I don't fuckin' remember even seein' Star that night, I remember Niya with me we were sittin' on the sofas than she was gone at some stage and then I remember getting' into bed alone and then you wakin' my ass up” he shrugs his shoulders

“We were pretty fuckin' wasted man”

“Stryker, you know me man I wouldn't.... I just fuckin' wouldn't, Niya means everything to me man fuckin’ everything”

“Colt you were in bed together, she saw it, we all saw it”

“Doesn’t mean I fucked her …...fuck this I need to get out of here” I head out to my bike sick of all the looks the brothers keep given me. I head over to the same place I’ve been comin’ since she’s been gone

“Any luck” I ask Razor hopin’ by some chance Niya’s called but Razor shakes his head, I couldn't go inside Maggie would fuckin' kill me with how angry she was. When she heard what I'd done she stormed into the clubhouse and fuckin' hit me so hard I thought one of my teeth came out, it took Razor and Dover to pull her off of me.

“Nah Brother no word, she hasn't used any of her cards”

“FUCK” I yell

“Get off of my property before I put a bullet in you, you fucking asshole”

“Maggie” Razor scolds her but I know she's just upset about Niya disappearing because I got so fuckin' shit faced and everyone says I fucked Star which I know I wouldn't have.

“Just go Colt I'll call if we hear from her” Razor says

“Razor man I'm so fuckin' sorry”

“YOUR SORRY! YOUR SORRY!” Maggie yells and Razor has to hold her back

“Go I'll call” he tells me


“Maggie, I didn't fuck Star”

“Just go Colt you’re not welcome here anymore” I head to my bike and take off, I ride for hours heading nowhere in particular and end up at my mom’s house