The Devils Baby(19)

By: Cilla Lee

“No promises, I hear you” he whispers and my nipples harden, his heat makin’ me feel woozy

“Colt I better go” I tell him needing space

“No, we haven't talked”

“I thought this was our talk”

“No baby I want to talk about the baby”

“The baby”


“What about the baby?”

“Come on” he pulls me back down the hall to the living room and we sit down on the sofa

“Colt what about the baby?”

“We haven't discussed what where going to call him or anything”

“Oh, you wanna discuss baby names” I ask a little surprised this was what he wanted to talk about


“Ok what do you have in mind”

“I like the name Ethan”

“Ethan is ok”

“Ok what about Tyler”


“What about Logan?”

“I like Logan” That's Razor’s real name

“I know that's why I mentioned it”

“You want to name our son after Razor” he shrugs his shoulders

“It's just a suggestion, do you have any you like” he asks me

“Um I was thinking Zachary”


“Yeah what's wrong with it”

“Nothing it's just very bibley”

“Bibley is that even a word”

“I don't know what else you got”



“Colt come on where naming our son”

“Fine what about Austin”

“Austin, I like it”

“Mason......Riley......Coby......Ryan come on babe give me something”

“I don't know Colt I think once I meet him the name will just come”

“Babe did you like any of them”

“I like them all Colt it's not like I'm naming my new car this is our son this name will be with him forever”

“Unless he becomes a Devils Soldier”

“You want him to join the club”

“Babe I want him to be whatever the fuck he wants as long as he's happy” I smile

“I better be going I'm beat, this pregnancy is really taking it out of me” I go to stand but Colt stands up and pulls me up “Thank you, I never appreciated just how thin I was until now”

“Baby your beautiful”

“That's cruel Colt don't tease”

“Who the fucks teasing your gorgeous” he leans down and kisses me, I can't help it my traitorous body craving his touch. I grab his shirt and pull him to me and moan instantly getting wet (god I wanna slide down to my knees and taste him) I moan again but my brain kicks in and I step back

“We shouldn't have done that”

“Yes, we should have where trying remember” I nod and make my way to my car, Colt helps me squeeze in

“Baby you can hardly reach the pedals”

“I know it's my stupid stomach it keeps getting bigger”

“No more driving I'm picking you up in the morning in my truck”

“It's fine Colt I'll get Maggie to drive me”

“No, I'll be there at eight-thirty” he leans in but doesn’t go all the way, just far enough away that I have to lean forward and kiss him and I do

“Bye Colt”

“Eight-thirty baby” I pull out of the driveway and head home which is literally one minute away


“So how did it go” Maggie asks when I walk in

“It went really well”

“And?” she says and pats the seat next to her for me to sit

“Where seeing what happens”

“Is that what you want”

“God Maggie, I love him so much I'm scared, what if he does it again” I finally say my biggest fear out loud

“Oh, honey you didn't see him when you left and I wasn't very nice to him, he was drinking all the time Razor even had to ban him from the clubhouse it took his Granny's hard love and a bucket of water and a few slaps to snap him out of it, trust me honey there is no way in hell he'll do anything if it means losing you again”

“I really love him Mag's so much it hurts, but I keep seeing that bitch looking at me and.... I... just don't know”