The Devils Baby(18)

By: Cilla Lee

“The right path” he chuckles

“Yeah with her palm and my face” I frown at him

“She hit you” he looks at me his face serious

“Yeah baby but it was something I needed”

“Colt” he shakes his head at me. He cuts us both two huge pieces of Chocolate cake and comes and sits next to me instead of across from me and everything in me wants to lean into him like I always did when we sat together but I don't. I moan as I take the first bite and Colt smiles again

“Good” I nod with a mouthful of Chocolaty goodness. When I finish the last bite, I feel a bit sad it's all gone

“Did you like” Colt asks me and I nod

“That was delicious Colt thank your Grandma for me”

“I will Niya” my heart skips a beat because I feel disappointed he didn't call me baby, I watch as he loads the dishwasher

“Do you want any help?”

“I got it” I stand up and have a look around

“So, who decorated?” I ask

“Mom and Grandma helped but I picked most of the stuff”

“Oh yeah it's really nice you have good taste”


“So, Colt why am I here” I ask as he comes into the sitting room

“Come on I want to show you something” he takes my hand and we walk back down the hallway and he stops on the third door

“What's in there?”

“Open it and see” I freeze the last door I opened had Colt and Star naked in bed and I stop my heart pounding


“Niya just open it” I slowly turn the handle and push the door open and freeze. (Oh my god) I walk in and look around not saying a word a tear slides down my cheek, I run my hands over the beautiful white cot

“Is this for when the baby stays here” I turn and look at him, he walks in and grabs my hands and brings them to his lips

“No baby this is our sons room where he'll be living all the time”

“What? Colt.... no” I shake my head and push passed him, half way down the hall he stops me and wraps his arms around me pulling my back to his front

“Baby I want you here in our home with our son, I want my Grandmothers ring on your finger and for you to have my last name and for you to be in our bed every night. He pulls me back with him until we get to the end of the hall and he pushes the door open, he walks me in still holding me tight. There’s a huge bed in the room mahogany side tables and dresser the same cream throughout and a plush cream carpet.

“Colt it's beautiful but I'm not ready, you slept with that bitch and broke my heart”

“Baby please, I'm so sorry I was so fuckin' drunk but I'm fuckin' tellin' you, I didn't fuck Star please believe me I didn't”

“I saw you Colt in bed with her”

“Yeah but I didn't fuck her” I push him away but he holds on tight

“You know Colt in all the years I lived with my dad through all of the beatings that I endured the broken bones the punches fat lips bruises dislocated limbs, him even almost killing me a few times all of that fucked up shit that I went through, nothing compares to what you did to me”

“Fuck please I'm telling the truth, I wouldn't do that to you to us, I love you so much I want us to be a family” he says placing his hands over my belly

“Please just give us a chance that's all I'm asking for just a chance for our son baby please” I push him back

“That's low Colt using our son as an excuse”

“Niya” I shake my head feeling scared (what if I did give him a chance and he broke my heart again)

“How do I know you won't hurt me again Colt”

“Because I haven't done anything wrong... please baby please” he falls to the floor wrapping his arms around my legs tight “Please” I lift my head (god give me strength) we stand like that for ages and I can see the pain, he's hurting just as much as me and I want to reach down and run my fingers through his hair but I stop myself “Please baby” he whispers I feel the pain right to my heart (just give it a go)

“Ok Colt I'll give us a chance, but I'm not promising anything do you hear me” he stands up and pulls me to him and kisses my neck