The Devils Baby(17)

By: Cilla Lee

“And are you going” Cuff asks

“Yes, I am”

“Ha... pay up fuckers” the two of them hand him twenty dollars each

“Fuck Niya girl you make me more money than the casino's do” Cuff says smiling, I shake my head at him

“Fuck you Cuff” I give him the finger and everyone laughs


Driving to Colt’s house after work was nerve raking the baby was so active by the time I got to the house and I needed to go to pee again. It was a cute little yellow cottage style house wrap around porch and white shutters the garden was perfectly tendered and it had a porch swing, I look up and I see him coming out the door, he comes down and opens my door and helps me out (god he looks gorgeous) he's in his light blue worn out jeans a white t-shirt and no shoes (god even his bare feet are turning me on) and he smells amazing... (fuck) I scold myself. When he reaches for my hand, I take it otherwise I'm grabbing the sides of the car and I'm trying to drag my fat ass out... fuck I hate being pregnant and I hate being short...

“Hay you made it”

“Yeah the directions where easy enough you can practically see Maggie and Razor’s from here”

“Come on” he takes me up the stairs and opens the front screen door the smell of the Lasagna cooking has my tummy rumbling and my mouth watering

“Nice place” I tell him as I look around


“Um Colt where's your bathroom”

“Oh, you can use the one just down the hall to the left”

“Thanks” I waddle down the hall and fine the bathroom, it's beautiful light brown subway tiles and cream Travertine tiles makes it look huge, everything is new and it has an amazing spa bath I can just imagine myself laying in there with a few candles loads of bubbles and a glass of wine

“Niya you ok in there” I'm pulled out of my daydream and back to reality

“Yeah I'm fine I'll be out in a minute”

“Do you want a drink or something”

“Um no I'm good”


Come on girl you can do this stick to the plan, talk, eat, leave and that's it. I open the door and make my way to the kitchen, it’s a huge country style kitchen with all new appliances dark wood cabinets granite work tops and cream and browns like the bathroom

“Wow Colt this place is nice, I love your tub”

“You can use it any time you want” he tells me smiling

“Thanks, so what do you want to talk about” I ignore his comment about the tub

“I thought we could have dinner first you hungry”

“Always” I whisper

“Ok sit down”

The smell is amazing my mouth watering with anticipation and the baby kicking with excitement food always gets me excited lately. As he places it in front of me it smells even better

“You baked this?” I ask him looking a bit surprised

“Yes, with my own two hands” he lifts his hands up smiling (god I love his smile)

“You did?”

“Yes, just eat do you want a drink” a milk please


“Yeah this kid loves milk”

“Ok” he gets me a large glass of milk

“Here you go” he places it in front of me, my first bite has me moaning and Colt stops to look at me smiling

“Wow Colt this is really good”

“Thanks mom told me how to cook it”

“Well you done well” we sit in silence the rest of the meal glancing at each other every now and then but I keep my head down really not sure what to say or even where to look

“Do you want any desert I have Chocolate cake”

“Chocolate cake”

“Yep triple Choc”

“Did you bake it?” he shakes his head no

“Nah Grandma did”

“Well I'll have a big piece than, I wouldn't want to offend her by not having a piece” he smiles

“No, we wouldn't want to do that, that women can get downright abusive when she gets pissed off” and I watch as he rubs his face smiling

“What do you mean by that?” I ask curious

“Let’s just say after you left I lost my way and Grandma showed me the right path”