The Devils Baby(16)

By: Cilla Lee


“Got my new phone” Stryker had said walkin' up to Niya and I, we were sitting outside of the clubhouse talkin' about nothin' in particular anything she said to me interested me. I could listen to her talk about anything as long as she was with me, I'd pulled her up and stood behind her and I kissed her neck smellin' her (fuck she always smelt amazin')

“Suck my dick” he’d said makin’ us both laugh, how did my life turn to shit so fast. One minute I had everything, the girl I loved a future and in one fucked up moment it was gone? But I was fuckin' determined to get the girl back, earn her love and have the future we always wanted.

Chapter Six


“Argh I yell”

“Honey, are you ok” Maggie calls through my door

“I'm fine and I burst into tears” Maggie opens the door and sees me sitting on the end of the bed

“What's wrong?” she asks me

“My shoes don't fit me” I tell her

“And that's why your crying” I nod my head wiping away the tears

“I'm a fat pig Maggie look at me I've doubled in size, nothing fits and I need to pee all the time”

“Oh honey” she laughs “it's not that bad”

“It is I can't do my shoes up” I start to cry again and she pulls me in for a hug

“Let me do it” she bends down and does up my sandals and I instantly feel like an idiot (I'm crying because I can't do my shoes up)

“Thank you, Mag’s,” I sniffle

“You’re welcome now come on let’s get you feed”

“Yes please” she laughs because I love eating, I waddle down to the kitchen and sit. I can't even pull the chair in any more my stomach hitting the edge, so I just lean over in an awkward position and eat my cereal

“What the fuck are you doing Niya?” Razor asks me

“I don't fit” they both look at each other and I can see they both want to laugh “It's not funny” they both lose it and start laughing. I watch them both for a minute and feel myself smile, then I lose it and start to as well and before I know it where all laughing our asses off and I feel better (sandal drama over) “Ok I'm out see you both later” I give them both a kiss and head to work. My drive to work is relaxing for a change there's no traffic, the music on the radio is good and the sun is shining. I'm feeling really good until I pull into the parking lot and Colt is sitting on his bike.... “Fuck” It takes me a minute to get out and I waddle to the shop trying to ignore him.

“Mornin’ Niya” he says walking up to me smiling and I want to punch for being so dam good looking

“What do you want Colt?”

“We need to talk”


“Our son for one”

“Really why?”

“Niya please” he grabs my arm and I stop

“What do you want to talk about Colt?”

“Can you come to my house after work”

“No, I don't think that's a good idea”

“Please baby” he takes a step towards me and I freeze

“Colt please don't call me that”

“Niya please, just come to mine we really need to talk. I'll even cook you, dinner” I look at him skeptically (he knows my kryptonite, god dammit)

“You'll cook me dinner” I ask the mention of food lately has my ears pricking and my stomach rumbling

“Anything you want” he says

“Anything?” I think about it for a minute, I have been craving lasagna “Ok I want lasagna”


“Yep that's what I want” my mouth watering at the thought of it

“Fine lasagna it is around five-thirty”

“Um hum I'll be there text me the address”

“I don't have your number”

“Oh, um well send it to Cuff and I'll get it off of him”

“Oh, ok I'll see you later right” I nod and walk to the shop, as I open the door Cuff, Socket and Chelsea are all standing there

“Well” Chelsea asks me

“He wants me to go to dinner with him at his house” I tell the three of them