The Devils Baby(15)

By: Cilla Lee

“Oh, just enlightened him on some things going on in his house”



The ride to the house has my blood pressure at an all-time high (fuckin’ havin’ the kid at home like fuck). As I walk in the house I yell for both women

“Maggie, Niya get your asses in here now” I watch both women walk in “Sit” I tell both of them

“Razor what's wrong” Maggie’s says soundin’ annoyed

“Heard the funniest thing today”

“Oh yeah” Maggie says “Enlighten us”

“That Niya plans on having the baby here” I point to the floor

“What are you talking about Razor?” I hear Niya say “Fuckin’ Colt” I point at her “Exactly”

“Razor it was just an idea that Maggie and I had talked about” Niya says

“What?” Maggie says

“The home birth” Niya tells her

“Oh, Razor we were talking about it and it seemed like a good idea she'd be relaxed in her own environment and if anything went wrong we call for help”

“Call for help, woman have you lost your fuckin' mind” I raise my voice at her but don’t yell that’ll get me a week in the spare bedroom


“No, I'm puttin' my foot down, she has the baby in the hospital where there are trained people to deal with complications”


“Maggie, you can bitch and moan at me all you want you both can, but this I'm not budging on, she has the baby in the hospital and that's it” I leave both woman staring at me and head back to the clubhouse (at fuckin' home, no fuckin' chance)



My phone buzzed in my pocket and I look at the screen (Niya)


‘Colt you bastard’ she says and I smile


‘Don't Niya me Razor just left here yelling at Maggie and me did you put him up to it’

‘Why would I do that I just happened to mention in passing what your plan was and he was not happy, now if he decided that it was a bad idea and wanted to discuss it with you than that was his choice’

‘Fuck you Colt’ she says and hangs up, I hear a bike pull back in and Razor comes walking in

“All takin' care of” he says walking past me patting me on the back

“You, sneaky fucker” Nash says smilin' at me


“You know what? using Razor to do your dirty work”

“Yeah well having the baby at home was a dumb fuckin' idea and I'm not lettin' her jeopardize my son’s life for her stupid plan”

“It's a boy” he asks and I smile the biggest smile in a long time

“Well fuck man we gotta wet the baby’s head” That night we drank to my boy all the brothers congratulatin' me, cigars drinks and more drinks flowed that night, all in the name of my son and hopefully one day a future Devils Soldier.


I'd finish the last of the baby’s room by the weekend, now I knew it was a boy I'd decorated it with magnolia walls and carpet with light blue curtains with matching nursing rocker chair white cot, changing table and a set of white and blue pictures on the wall and loads of storage for toys. A large toy chest the bedding is all light blues to match the curtains and the photo of Niya and I, in a picture frame it was the same picture she has in her locket.

“Hay baby boy” my mom says as she walked into the nursery “Wow this looks so good baby when are you going to show Niya”

“I don't know I was ganna invite her over tomorrow so we can talk about names and stuff, I was ganna cook her dinner and show her then”

“That's sounds like a plan baby” she kisses me on the cheek but looks up at me


“I just don't want you to get your hopes up that's all”

“I know what I'm doin' mom” she smiles but I can see it's forced

“Tobias I'm your mom, I'm always going to worry about you ok”

“Ok mom I love you” I pull her in for a hug

“I love you more” she says

After she leaves I sit in my son’s room for ages just staring at the photo of us (fuck I miss her so much) I remember the day the picture was taken