The Devils Baby(14)

By: Cilla Lee

“What? Why not the hospital what if something goes wrong Niya the hospital is the safest place”

“Well I see you to have a lot to talk about, Niya Colt it was lovely to see you and meet you Colt make another appointment for four weeks with Louise at the front ok and research the birth plan Niya have you started you lamas’ classes yet”


“Well there's a great one on Tuesday nights at the rec center I've got a pamphlet here somewhere, here take this, have a look watch videos online read having a baby can be a lot of homework”

“Thanks doctor Hardy I'll look into it” I tell her and get up Colt steps beside me and places his hand on my lower back and I swear I get wet instantly (god I miss his hands on me) but the stubborn part that is still pissed at him has me stepping forward out of his touch. The second his hand is gone I miss it, I make another appointment on the way out with the flirty eye fucking my man nurse and Colt opens the door again for me.

“What the fuck are lamas’ classes?” he asks the second where outside

“They teach you how to breath during the birth”

“Oh, ok and why don't you want to have the baby in the hospital”

“I'm just thinking about other options Colt; Maggie and I have been talking about home births and they seem interesting”

“You’re not having the baby at home” I stop walking and turn and look at him (Is he seriously telling me what to do)

“Excuse me”

“You fuckin' heard me, my son will be born in a fuckin' hospital, where there are doctors and nurses. People who do that shit for a living, there the only people who are going to deliver my son safely” I take a deep breath and count to five in my head.

“This and I point to my stomach is my body Colt and my baby, if I want to have him in Maggie and Razor’s front fucking room than that's where I'll have my son. I'm the one who will be bringing him into this world so I will be the one deciding where he will be born so you... Mr. Tobias Wade can go fuck yourself” I walk off to my car and get in, actually starting it and driving off is another thing trying to adjust my seat again.... ARGH I hate being pregnant.

Chapter Five


I watch as she gets into the car and fucks around with the seat, starts it and drives off

“Fuckin' women” I mumble as I get on my bike, I head straight for the clubhouse (fuck I need a drink)

“Yo, motherfucker why didn't you come back to work” Stryker asks me as he sits next to me at the bar

“Fuckin' Niya pissin' me off”

“What’d, she, do?”

“She seems to think that she's having the fuckin' baby in Razor and Maggie's front fuckin' room”

“What the fuck are talkin' about?”

“Her birthing plan, she wants to have the baby at home”

“Fuck does the boss man know” I shrug my shoulders

“Dude I don't think he does, you know what he's like with Niya's safety do you really think he will let her have the baby at home”

“No, he wouldn't, thanks man” I jump up and run to Razor’s Office

(knock knock)


“Hay Razor can I talk to you a minute?”


“Do you know about Niya's birthing plan?”

“Her what?” I know I've got her she may not listen to me but she'll sure as shit listen to Razor

“Yeah, her birthing plan you know when she has the baby where, how, that sort of thing”

“What the fuck are you talkin' about you go to the hospital and have it there”

“Oh, so you don't know that her and Maggie want to have the baby in your front room”

“WHAT?” he yells

“Yeah I was at the doctors today and Niya said about having the baby in your front room that her and Maggie have been talking about it”

“No, they have not mentioned it will you excuse me Colt, I have some fuckin' women to go home and yell at” he stands and leaves

“What the fuck did you say to him he almost pushed me over fuckin' grumpy old bastard” Jaxson says carrying a create of beers