The Devils Baby(13)

By: Cilla Lee

“Ok” he says sitting next to me pulling his phone out, we wait for what feels like an eternity and I need to pee again so I stand up again

“Where you going now?”

“Restroom again”

“You just went”

“Yeah well Colt I have an active child in here who loves to play football with my bladder” I speak a little louder and I storm off towards the toilet again. This time when I come out Colt is all alone and I sit next to him

“Better” he asks me I nod my head as the two nurses behind the counter pretend like there not talking about Colt, their stupid giggles fucking me off even more

“Niya Stevens” the nurse calls my name

“Yep” I say and I follow her to the doctor’s office. I already meet the Doctor when I got to town Maggie telling me she's a really good OB/GYN

“Well hello again Niya and who is this” Dr Hardy says holding out her hand to Colt

“Colt” he says shaking her hand back

“So how are you feeling”

“You want the list”


“I'm tired, I ache everywhere, my back is killing me, I'm constantly hungry, I need to pee every minute, my feet are swollen, I just barely fit into my car, my boobs are sore and have doubled in size and I'm horny as hell and I'm huge, am I supposed to be this big I'm only five months and all the books I've read the women don't look anything like me they have all cute little bumps and I look like a fat balloon and this little person loves to kick me and that's about it”

“Well that is a list that unfortunately comes with the territory of being pregnant I'm afraid and your size is normal Niya your just not use to seeing yourself like this, you have a bit of water retention you just need to rest and relax ok”

“ARGH I'm so over this” the doctor laughs

“Come on let’s get you up so we can do the ultrasound ok”

“Fine” I hand Colt my purse and lay on the table and I feel the baby moving again

“Let’s have a look at this little one” she pulls the machine over and turns it on

“Dad you going to come and look” she says to Colt, he comes and stands next to me and watches the doctor play around with the machine she than lifts my dress and places a paper cloth over my pelvis squirting gel on my belly

“Ok let’s get started” there’s a few beeps and the screen comes to life and I can instantly hear my babies heart beat

“What's the noise?” Colt asks

“That Mr. Stevens is the babies heart beat”

“It's Wade”

“Sorry” she says looking at Colt

“My name its Mr. Wade not Stevens, but just call me Colt”

“Oh, my apologies, sorry Colt” He turns to look at the screen and I look at him (what's he thinking) he can see and hear the baby and reaches and grabs my hand and squeezes (god I miss him)

“Baby” he says and I look away and pull my hand out of his, I want to comfort him but I'm scared and still a little hurt. (don't be a bitch)

“Ok are we finding out what the sex is today”

“You can tell that already”

“It's not 100% but it can be around 70% accurate” we both nod and she hits more buttons and moves the wand around my tummy more “Here we are.... it's a boy” she announces this time I reach for Colt's hand and he squeezes it and I smile (a boy my son our son)

“A boy, are you sure doc” Colt asks

“Yep I'm pretty sure have a look” she points to a spot on the screen, I have no idea what she's looking at and I don't care I'm having a boy “Ok Niya you can get up now” She helps me sit up and I wipe my belly “The baby is very healthy everything looks good, have you thought about your birthing plan”

“I'm still deciding what I want” Colt looks between the doctor and me

“What plan?” he asks confused

“Niya's birthing plan for when the baby comes”

“Oh, I thought you went to the hospital and you have it there”

“Some women like Niya hear are thinking of alternatives like home births or water births” Colt looks at me