The Devils Baby(12)

By: Cilla Lee

“Are you shittin' me” I shake my head

“Unfortunately, not” we both laugh as Cuff and Socket walk in from having lunch

“Niya” Cuff says pulling me up and hugging me than Socket grabs me and hugs me tight to

“You ok darlin'” Socket asks me he pulls me in holding me tighter, I give him a reassuring squeeze to let him know I'm good

“You coming back to work or not, I'm fuckin' sick of answering phones” Cuff says

“I thought Razor said I couldn't come back”

“Yeah well we work here not him” Socket says and I smile at the both of them

“So, I can come back”

“Fuck yeah you can” Cuff tells me and I jump up and down and Socket grabs me

“Fuck darlin' don't do that the baby might fall out” I laugh

“Really Socket it's just ganna fall out, here on the floor” he turns red

“Well I don't fuckin' know how you know.... how that all works” he points to my belly

“Well from what I've read so far, the baby is safe in here until it's ready to come out so don't worry” I pat him on the arm


When I'd gotten home later that night after we all went out for dinner Razor was on a rampage about the boys giving me my job back

“I'm ganna fuckin' kill those two, I told them you were not going back to work”

“Razor I have four more months until the baby comes, I can't just sit around and do nothing I want to work”

“But the chemicals”

“Razor the babies fine, I'm fine and working at the tattoo shop is not going to hurt the baby... ok”

“Fuck... fine but if you get sick and something happens to my Grandbaby, Bella Mae's killing some motherfuckers” he pulls me in for a hug


Trying to sleep the night before my ultrasound was impossible, I was so nervous about seeing Colt again. I know I'd already seen him when I told him about the baby, but having to spend time with him had my heart rate up and the baby kicking like mad.


As I pull into the doctors’ car park Colt was sitting on his bike (god he's gorgeous) I have to feel around for the handle so I can pull the seat back so I can get out, my belly now rubs on the steering wheel and I'm only five months, god what's it going to be like in four months when it's cooked and ready to pop... Argh I hate being pregnant.

“Morning ba.... Niya” Colt says

“Morning” I grumble and walk past him he runs up and grabs the door before I can open it


“You in a bad mood ba...Niya”

“No shit Colt do I look fucking happy” I snap at him

“Ok” he says and steps away from me

“Good morning how can I help you” the nurse behind the reception asks but looks at Colt and not me, making me roll my eyes

“Yes, I have an appointment with Dr Hardy, Niya Stevens” I tell her smiling but really wanting to punch her in the face for eye fucking Colt right in front of me (bitch)

“Oh yes take a seat and she'll be out in a minute” she smiles still looking at Colt

“Thank you” I say pulling Colt over to the seats

“Your doctors a woman” Colt asks me and I look at him

“Yes, Colt it is the twenty first century, us little women can be anything we want to be you know” I feel like shit for snapping for the fucking bitch of a nurse flirting and for Colt looking so god dam gorgeous, I feel like I'm going to snap I'm so tired from being pregnant and wonder if this is normal, plus I'm hungry and I need to fucking pee again.... argh

“Where you going ba...Niya”

“Restroom” When I get back out the nurse is talking to Colt playing with her hair and smiling, I roll my eyes at the blatant bend me over and fuck me flirting that she doing. As I get closer to them Colt stands up placing his arm over my shoulders and the nurse smiles again.

“It was nice to meet you Colt” she says walking off shaking her ass more than necessary, the moment she’s around the corner I shake Colt’s arm off and sit.

“You ok ba…Niya” he says I grab a magazine and sit holding in my anger

“I’m fine”