The Devils Baby(11)

By: Cilla Lee

“Niya honey you ok” I nod holding back the tears

“Just called Colt and told him about my appointment tomorrow”

“And how did that go”

“He said he'd be there” Maggie's quite for a minute and then looks at me

“Honey what are you thinking” (I have no fucking clue I miss him I still love him)

“With what?”

“You know what? about you and Colt”

“I don't know Mag's I still love him and having a piece of him here, I rub my belly makes it hard to ignore him”

“Come here” she pulls me in for a big hug “It'll be fine honey you'll see” I nod my head but am still scared to see him.


The days warm and I have on a nice little summer dress on, my bellies gotten a little bigger and I started to waddle a bit. I felt like I've doubled in size over night but maybe that's all in my mind, my breasts have doubled in size and peeing a lot more than usual. Nights are the worst the only comfortable position is on my back and even that position is uncomfortable, everything has a smell and I'm horny as hell and cranky all the time (being pregnant sucks ass).

After I came home I avoided places I knew Colt would be or where he could be, I refused to go to the clubhouse even though I wanted to see the guys and see how they were but I just couldn't risk it. What if I ran into Star or Pixie the smug look on her face was something I wasn't ready for, but I did go to the tattoo shop to see the guys and Chelsea. The second I walked in the door she attacked me with hugs

“OMG girl look at you, look at this belly” she rubs it all over feeling the baby kick when she rubs

“Holy fuck did you feel that” she asks me a little surprised

“Yes, Chels I felt it”

“Oh of course dumb me” she pulls me in for another hug

“Come here sit”

“Where'd you go”

“I just got in my car and drove until I ran out of road”

“That's it you just drove” I nod

“Pretty much”

“Fuck when did you find out about” she gestures to my stomach

“On the second month, there I was so sick I had to go to the doctor and voila”

“Voila just like that.... are you ok”

“I'm getting there Maggie's amazing and Razor god I can't even lift a cup without him asking if it's too heavy”

“I can imagine papa bear Razor being like that, we should go shopping get the little one some clothes”

“No way the house is coming down with baby things”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah Colt's mom Granny and Maggie have everything under control”

“Colt's mom huh how'd that go?”

“I went over and seen her after I got back just to explain but she was great, her and Grace understood”

“That’s good”

“Yeah, there both pretty great”

“So, what's it like being pregnant”

“It sucks I'm huge, I pee all the time I eat constantly I'm so fucking horny and I have a world class football player in here kicking me all the time”

“Dam girl that sound horrible”

“It is but it isn't” I rub my belly smiling

“So, your horny huh” I roll my eyes at her

“Like you wouldn't believe”

“Do you have a stress reliever”

“A what?”

“You know a sex toy”

“Chelsea” I say smacking her arm (dam I missed her)

“What you’re telling me, miss left hand is doing the job”

“Miss left hand”

“Yeah” she lifts her hand waving it

“You’re too much Chelsea”

“Oh, come on, I tell ya my vibrator is the best lover I ever had” we burst into laughter and I smack her again playfully “No, but seriously, we should go to the sex store they have some great products to help release the tension” she wiggles her eyebrows at me “But seriously, I'm fucking ecstatic that your back, when are you coming back to work”

“Razor won't let me, told Cuff and Socket if I came in that they had to send me home straight away, he's worried about all the cleaning chemicals”