The Devils Baby(10)

By: Cilla Lee

“I am”

“When would you like to view”


“Of course, how about I meet you at the property in twenty minutes”

“Sounds good” I walk out and get on my bike and head to the house. I picked this one cause it's a mile down the road from Razor and Maggie's and I knew Niya would want to be closer to them. I wait on the front stairs as a white Mercedes pulls up and the Realtor chick gets out, I notice her top two buttons are now undone and she's put on black heels. She smiles as she gets closer and licks her lips again.

“Come in please look around and tell me what you think”

“Just tell me about the property” I say not wantin' to waste time

“Ok this property is a cottage style house with four bedrooms” She shows me the rooms “Ensuite in the main bedroom with walk in closet, all the bedrooms have built ins but the master is a walk in something your wife might like” she looks at my hand

“Haven't asked her to marry me yet”

“Oh I see...... so the hall has a large walk in linen closet, bathroom wooden floors throughout the house needs an upgrade as you can see, there are colonial style shutters on all the bedroom windows as you saw walking in a large living space with separate formal dining room and kitchen and large breakfast room and large laundry behind the kitchen with another toilet, wrap around porch and the property has two large out buildings for storage and a three person garage it's 2553 square feet with 129 acres of land the property is priced at One Hundred and Sixty Five thousand”

“Why is the price so low?”

“It needs some work as you can tell and the owner just wants rid of it”

“Any offers so far?”


“Is the owner keen to sell?”

“Yes, he is”

“Tell him I'll pay One Hundred Thousand” and I can close now

“Let me give him a call and see what he says” she walks out of the room and I have one more look around seeing Niya and our child sitting in front of the fireplace during winter or me fuckin' her in front of it all the time dam my dick gets hard just thinkin’ about it.

“The buyer has accepted your offer you can come to the office and we can get the paper work started” she steps a little closer than necessary and I step back, a few years ago I would have had her up against the nearest wall fuckin' her hard but now Niya's the only women for me.

“I'll be in tomorrow to sign the paper work” I tell her and head out. It takes two weeks to get everything finalized and Stryker was helping me move my shit in by the following week it was going to take us a lot of work to get the house ready for Niya, but I would pay any amount of money to make a life for us.

Gettin' the house ready was more work than I expected and only because I had to buy everything this bein' my first house of my own people offered to give me shit for the house but I wanted everything to be new for Niya and even though mom and Grandma offered to buy a lot of things I needed to do this. I did get them to help with the decorations and things that a woman would need I mean what the fuck did I know about makin' sure the pillows matched the drapes (not fuckin' me that's for sure) I managed to get it all by the end of the month and had a contractor work over time to put in the new kitchen and bathrooms in the house, now that I had everything all I needed was my women.

Chapter Four


Tomorrow was my fifth month scan and I debated on telling Colt but Maggie told me he'd been bragging to all of the guys about being a dad and was looking forward to it, so she'd convinced me to call him


‘Hay’ (god I love his voice)

‘Um I have my fifth month scan tomorrow and was wondering if you wanted to come’

‘Fuck yeah baby’

‘Colt please’

‘Niya just tell me the time and place I'll be there’

‘Ok it's at Dr Hardy's Office on king st at one o’clock’

‘I'll be there’

‘Ok see you tomorrow’ I hang up not wanting him to say anything else, every time he calls me baby my heart hurts. Not because I hate him calling me that, it's because I love it so much.