Master of My Body:Finding Sabrina, Part One

By: Marissa Honeycutt

Finding Sabrina, Part One

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Note from the Author

I suppose this is a warning of sorts, though I don’t know if I should really call it a warning. Not after Anna...

Anyways, please don’t read this book if you’re easily offended by dark, twisted, taboo subjects. Sexual slavery is a nasty business and I don’t pull punches in showing what characters captured into that life might go through. My bad guys are bad, meaning they’re not nice. Meaning they do things that might make you uncomfortable. Or puke. Or have nightmares.

Please don’t read this book if the idea of having multiple sexual partners offends you. The subculture that this story revolves around does not allow for monogamy. While that doesn’t come up in the first book, it will in the following books.

Please don’t read this book if you’re offended by men having sex with other men. Or women having sex with multiple men. Or men having sex with multiple women. Or multiple men and/or women having sex with multiple men and/or women.

Please don’t read this book if you’re looking for a happy romance where boy and girl meet and live happily ever after. That might happen eventually, but it might not. (I haven’t written the ending yet!) This is the first of what will be one story spread out over three or four books. Master of My Body is a prologue of sorts, giving you background on the main characters and letting you get to know their history. The remaining books will be told solely from Sabrina’s point of view. At the end of this book is a sneak peek into the first few pages of the next book.

Ten Years Ago

Chapter One

The ancient trees stood as silent witnesses of the horrific scene spread out in the middle of the grassy clearing. The birds and one unfortunate doe, entrapped in the golden ring of supernatural power, felt the horror and weight of the screams and bloodshed. But this was no random murder.

This was an unholy sacrifice.

Vamar Thilduri stood over the battered, bloody body of the young woman whose death had ensured his safe passage through the vortex between this world and the Dark Place he’d been exiled to for two thousand years.

He breathed the clean, sweet air of his home world into his lungs and closed his eyes, a grim smile appearing on his face. How long had it been since he enjoyed the fresh scent of a pine forest? How long since he had felt the grass beneath his feet?

Too long. Too long since he had been banished from his home and sent to the Dark Place where nothing grew and nothing flourished. He had simply existed.

Until the return of one of his faithful helped him begin to thrive again.

He had grown strong in the darkness, feeding off the knowledge that he would someday be able to return to power and have his revenge upon Kronos, the father of the Immortals.

Damn Kronos and his minions! How dare they decide how much Immortality a human could imbibe! Who were they to judge what he had done? Of all the Nauragar who ruled the ancient cities, Vamar had dared to become greater, dared to not need the Ilfirin, the Immortals, anymore. His followers had encouraged him, and they loved him for it. They no longer needed the damn Immortals for anything. The humans were powerful on their own.