By: Torrie Robles


Writing isn’t easy. It’s not just about getting your words down on paper; it’s about getting your story out for everyone to read. A couple of years ago when I decided to write my first book, I was clueless, I still am in most aspects of what it takes to be an author. The one thing I’ve learned above everything else is how crucial support is. Writing a book is not a one-person show, and the people you have around you is critical to the success of your book. Your story. Your baby.

I know that Sin would not be what it is without my one and only beta, Jenni. I thank my lucky stars that I took the plunge and asked her if she would like to read for me. I took the advice of my editor and reached out to her after she gave me a 3.5—star review on my last book. My editor told me I needed someone to push me, to challenge my writing and me as an author. With each book, you want to evolve. I don’t believe that I’ll ever reach my pinnacle as an author, but I have grown so much from my last book to now and I know it’s because of Jenni. I’m still new in the author world. I’m not sure what defines the ‘right’ type of relationships you should have with your betas, editors, assistants, or your fans because when I befriend someone, I do it with all of me. Jenni is more than my beta; she is one of the best women that I know. I love her wholeheartedly and I will never be able to thank her enough. I hope this is just our beginning and we will continue to make beautiful stories together. Thank you, Jenni – for everything.

I’ve been able to meet some incredible people so far along this journey. Jaime Russell, thank you for always being there for me. For letting me vent, to rant, and to rave when I needed it. Thank you for always putting my needs first above your own and helping me when I needed it. Thank you for loving my books, and my covers that I create. I cherish our friendship. I’m thankful to travel this journey with you. Our future is going be bright, sweetness.

Jennifer Lessard, thank you for believing in me. For making me laugh when I needed it. Thank you for spending your time getting my name out there and preaching to all those blogs about how great my books are. Thank you for always being there to bounce ideas off and for your countless hours combing through the internet looking for the best kind of swag. I can’t wait for the day when you’ll be by my side, attending a signing with me.

Thank you Cassia Brightmore, for taking on Sin. Your hard work in editing and promotions has helped with the success of this book. Three for three, lady. Thank you.

Thank you to all who believe in my writing and in me. You have no idea how much I love your words of encouragement. They help in making my dreams come true. Thank you for following me, reading my books and loving my words. I can’t wait for what the future holds for my career.

Due to certain content, some situations may not be suitable for all readers. Possible triggers for domestic and graphic violence are found within the story.

Please be advised.

Two lines, two blue lines. That’s all the first test tells me. The second one is much more direct—simply stating ‘pregnant’. The third only sports a big ol’ happy face emoji, which I’m assuming means pregnant. If the test weren’t positive, I wonder if there would be a sad face in its place. Or maybe it would say, ‘well that was a close one’. Three tests all confirm what I’ve been afraid is true for the past three weeks.

I’m pregnant.

I’m having Tyson Redding’s baby.

A Redding heir, my child is the heir to Redding Oil.

My child has a father who beats its mother.

Two Weeks Later

“Savannah, did you hear what my mother asked you?” If he has to ask, does he think I actually did?

“Sorry.” I tuck my bleached blonde hair behind my ear and look at Meredith Redding, my boyfriend’s mother. “I didn’t hear you.”

“Of course you didn’t. You’ve got your head in the clouds.” Tyson, my boyfriend of four years, sneers in my direction. He’s not happy that I’m not paying attention to what his mother is saying to me.

“Darling, leave her alone. I’m sure whatever is on her mind, is there for a reason. What I was asking you, Savannah, dear, is if you had time to go to the boutique and select one of the dresses I picked out for you? You know the gala is only two weeks away, and you need to make sure it fits. That way, if you find that it’s too small, then at least you have time to drop a few pounds.” Boy, did she know how to lace her venom with all kinds of honey.