Redemption:Slick Rock 18(7)

By: Becca Van

It was going to take time to make his plans, but when he had everything set in his mind, he would make his move and have his revenge.

That bitch was going down and he was the man to take her out.

* * * *

“How are we going to get her to give us the time of day?” Camden asked.

“We can’t do anything other than what we have been.” Phoenix combed his fingers through his hair.

“Actually, we’ve been invited to a cookout at the Frost ranch on Sunday.” Axel smiled.

“Do you think Enya will be there?” Camden sipped his coffee.

“There’s no way in hell she wouldn’t have been invited.” Axel scrubbed a hand over his face. “Whether she accepted or turns up is another story.”

“I think she will,” Camden said.

“I agree.” Phoenix nodded. “Delta, Violet, and Enya are pretty tight.”

“I’m glad she has the other women as her friends. They’re so loyal and caring.” Phoenix sighed.

Axel shook his head. “They are, but I don’t think our woman talks about herself to anyone. I’ve seen Violet and Delta, as well as the other waitresses, looking at her with concern.”

“This shit has to stop,” Phoenix stated determinedly. “She needs to talk about whatever is haunting her.”

“She does, but we can’t force her to talk with us, Phoenix.” Camden pointed at Axel. “We have to be patient. We want her to get comfortable with us being around. We want her to realize that we’re her friends before we become her lovers. If she doesn’t think we have her back, we’ll never have the kind of relationship we want with her.”

“I know.” Axel frowned. “It’s just so fucking hard. We’ve been patient and trying for three months and it’s gotten us nowhere.”

“He has a point.” Phoenix met Camden’s gaze.

“Maybe it’s time we were more forceful,” Axel suggested.

“We can’t do that, Axel. If we force her into something—”

“I don’t mean that we force her,” Phoenix snapped.

“What do you mean then?” Camden asked.

“We get in her face more. If she’s at the barbecue we make her talk to us,” Axel said.

“We can’t stop her from walking away.” Phoenix frowned.

“I know that, but from what I’ve seen so far, our woman is polite with good manners. She wouldn’t snub us while at someone else’s place.” Camden couldn’t believe he was getting on board with his friends. Phoenix and Axel were methodical and patient when it came to being doctors, but with anything else they were always pushing and impatient. He’d had to rein them in a few times over the years, but he was as eager as they were to spend more time with Enya. If the only way they could do that was at someone else’s house, then so be it. Hopefully, she wouldn’t snub them by walking away.

Camden had a feeling that once they had her friendship, everything else would fall into place.

He couldn’t wait until Sunday to put their plan into action.

* * * *

Enya peeked out at the window toward the street. She’d been sure that someone was following her but every time she glanced over her shoulder, she’d hadn’t seen anyone. Sometimes she wondered if she was losing the plot. She sighed and dropped the curtain and headed toward her kitchen.

She was hungry because her weariness was affecting her appetite, and she was regularly skipping meals. She worked with food all day every day, and while she loved what she did, once she got home, the drive to cook more, waned.

She was doing okay by herself and planned to keep it that way. Besides the constant paranoia, of course.

No matter how hard she tried to convince herself she was imagining things, she couldn’t quite manage it. She’d learned to trust her gut instincts a long time ago. However, there was no way she was going to voice her fears in case she really was losing her mind. That prickly, being-watched feeling gave her the willies.

And as much as she hated to admit it, if only to herself, the feeling was nothing like when Camden, Phoenix, or Axel set their eyes on her.

Whenever they gazed at her, her blood heated and other parts of her body sat up and took notice. Not that she’d ever admit that to anyone else and she was intent on ignoring the arousal that perked her girly bits up whenever they were around. One on one they were hard to ignore and she knew if they ever got together and came at her from three different directions, she would likely cave.