Redemption:Slick Rock 18(2)

By: Becca Van

“Thanks,” Enya whispered and shyly smiled his way, before replacing the lid on the now empty container.

“She makes all the pies, cakes and pastries, too,” Kiara said.

“Is that right?” Axel said in his deep Texas drawl that had her insides flipping and her clit throbbing. “I might have to taste everything then.”

Kiara laughed. “I know what you mean. I’ve been sampling Enya’s baking on my breaks. If it wasn’t for the worry of an expanding waistline, I would’ve tasted the whole lot already.”

“She’s not just a pretty face, that’s for sure,” Axel responded. “Well, I’d better get moving, otherwise I’m going to be late. Have a good day, Enya, Kiara.”

She saw him smile their way from beneath her lowered eyelashes but didn’t want to directly meet his green-eyed gaze. Every time she looked into Axel’s, Phoenix’s or Camden’s eyes, she felt as if she was being mesmerized and drowning at the same time.

“You, too,” she replied politely and held her breath as he walked toward the door. Although Axel was a doctor, he never seemed to be in a rush, yet his pace was always quicker than it looked.

Enya couldn’t stop her gaze from wandering up and down his big, muscular physique and knew he had to work out or did some sort of physical activity to keep his body so toned and buff. His shoulders were wide and he was so tall, he topped her diminutive height of five foot two by at least a foot or more, but none of that mattered. Not the way her heart raced or her girly bits lit up whenever he or his two colleagues were around.

There was no way Enya was getting involved with one member of the opposite sex, let alone three.

She’d learned to be wary when she was young and she wasn’t about to change her decision of remaining alone and relying on herself just because she was in lust. Enya was good at ignoring her body’s needs and demands and she was going to continue on like always.

Alone and safe.

Chapter One

“Damn it!”

Axel combed his fingers through his hair and sighed. He, Phoenix, and Camden were all attracted to Enya, and though they hadn’t let on to that fact while they’d been treating her—since that was against their Hippocratic oath and their own morals—now that she was no longer under their care, they were trying to court her.

It had been three months since she’d been brought into the new Slick Rock Hospital unconscious after being hit in the head by a fucking asshole who didn’t seem to give a shit about who he hurt while trying to kidnap another woman. Axel had been livid. Camden and Phoenix had been just as pissed, and they were all glad when that bastard had been shot dead before he’d been able to kill Delta.

He wished he was still sitting at the diner counter so he could glance her way again and mentally will her to look at him, but she was a stubborn little thing, and always kept her gaze lowered. Axel had known she realized he was watching her from the tense way she held her shoulders and how she kept her head down, and while she frustrated the shit out of him, the good thing was she was aware of him.

Camden and Phoenix had said the same thing after every time they visited the diner, but neither of his best friends had any success in garnering her attention either, other than the occasional glance.

Axel was beginning to think he was going to have to do something drastic to get her to look their way, but he had no idea what. He was aware of the wariness in her beautiful blue eyes and the shadows darkening her skin underneath, and he wished like hell he knew the reason for her standoffishness. At least then he and his friends would be able to circumvent whatever it was that made Enya keep her distance.

He’d been so lost in thought as he walked he hadn’t even noticed he was already entering the foyer to the small country town hospital until Phoenix called out to him. Axel had been able to breathe better the day he and his friends had moved to Slick Rock, Colorado. They’d been here for just a year, and he was way more relaxed than he’d ever been. He didn’t regret moving away from the fast pace of city life or the stress of dealing with the carnage and violence in a large city hospital emergency room. Life just seemed simpler in this town. And the people were all so friendly and welcoming.