Redemption:Slick Rock 18(10)

By: Becca Van

“Are you okay, honey?” Deputy Wilder Sheffield asked.

She nodded, too scared to answer verbally. She still had adrenaline coursing through her veins and she hadn’t even noticed she was quaking until she’d gone to open the door.

Wilder walked over the threshold and gently clasped her elbow. “Let’s get you inside, Enya. Cree and Nash will be in after they search around.” He led her over to the lone chair and helped her sit down. She sighed with relief because she wasn’t sure her legs would have held her up for much longer. Wilder glanced around the empty cavernous room and while she could see him taking in how little she had, when he met her gaze again, there was no expression on his face.

“Can you tell me what happened, Enya?”

She nodded and squeezed her eyes closed. Her cut hand was throbbing like a bitch and she was beginning to sweat from the pain, and though she had no idea why she did it, she kept her wrapped hand down by her side under the loose folds of her way-too-big track pants. She cleared her throat and told him what had happened. She’d just finished when Cree and Nash entered the house.

Cree glanced her way, nodded his head and turned toward her bedroom. Nash headed toward the kitchen and the small laundry room which led to the small courtyard sized back yard.

Wilder squatted down beside her chair. “Do you have any idea who’d want to scare or hurt you, honey?”

“No,” she finally managed to answer, now that her heart wasn’t beating at a hundred miles an hour and the shaking had waned slightly.

“Have you seen anyone watching you? Dealt with any disgruntled customers at the diner?” Wilder frowned.


“All clear,” Cree said as he came back into the living room.

“Same,” Nash said as he entered from the kitchen.

“Any signs of lock tampering?” Wilder asked.

“None,” Cree and Nash answered simultaneously.

“Did you find anything outside?”

“There were footprints in the dirt under the bedroom window. Whoever threw that rock was male. The depressions were way too big to be a woman’s. They looked like the ones from steel-toed work boots,” Cree explained.

“Enya, you can’t stay here by yourself with a broken window,” Wilder said. “It’s not safe. Why don’t you go pack a bag and you can stay with us? Tomorrow you can contact your landlord to get the window replaced.”

Even though she didn’t want to be a fifth wheel by staying with Violet and her men, there was no way she was going to stay here where she felt so vulnerable, so unsafe. She nodded and licked her dry lips before saying, “Thank you.”

Wilder stood and held his hand out to her to help her to her feet. She didn’t even think and lifted her right hand toward his.

“What the fuck?” Wilder snarled as he gently clasped her wrist and studied her wrapped palm.

“Shit!” Cree took a step closer.

“Fuck!” Nash frowned.

“What happened? That towel is soaked through with blood,” Wilder said.

Enya glanced down at the towel and swayed on her feet when she saw that Wilder was right. The towel was soaked through and bright red with her blood. She blinked as her vision grew blurry and stumbled when her knees began to buckle.

“Call one of the docs and tell them we’re bringing her in,” Wilder ordered.

“No hospital,” Enya managed to rasp out.

“What the hell, Enya?” Cree snarled.

“No hospital,” she repeated just before she passed out.

Chapter Three

“What?” Axel answered his cell phone and tried to get his mind to wake up.

“You and Phoenix need to get over to Enya’s house, right now,” Camden ordered. “I’ll meet you there.”

Axel rolled to his feet, fully alert. “What’s going on?”

“Wilder called. He and his brothers got called to her place because someone tried to break in. I don’t know how it happened, but she’s sliced her right palm open.”

“Why aren’t they bringing her to the hospital?” Axel asked as he pulled on jeans and a T-shirt before heading to Phoenix’s room. He hurried over to the bed, putting his cell on speaker phone, before he nudged Phoenix’s shoulder. Phoenix blinked up at him and frowned. He held his finger up when Camden began talking again.