Trial By Fire (Going Down in Flames)(120)

By: Chris Cannon

As Bryn changed clothes, she thought about everything that had happened since they’d come back to school after Christmas break. The Back to School Gala had been a success in more ways than one. A good portion of injured students had returned to school and most of them had been accepted by their Clans. The Blue Clan might still be a little rigid, but the Blue females were now talking to Rhianna, and according to Akbar’s experiment, Clan boundaries were definitely softening. She wasn’t sure what her grandfather would think of that, but she enjoyed his company now. Both of her grandparents seemed like people she could depend on. And oddly enough, she now felt like she could depend on Jaxon in a crisis. They might not have the warm fuzzies for each other, but she’d grown to understand and respect him, even if he tended to act like an ass-hat on a regular basis. Then there was Valmont—her rock in these turbulent times. Even if the magic of the bond made them both a little unstable sometimes, she knew he’d always be there for her, not out of obligation, but because he truly cared.

If the Radical hybrids would stop attacking campus, maybe the peaceful hybrids could come out in the open. The Directorate might come to understand not all hybrids were bad. And the good hybrids could help broker some sort of peace between the Directorate and the Radicals. While she was dreaming, she threw in a new law, which would allow Jaxon to marry Rhianna. Who knew, maybe if they all worked together, dragons could be allowed to marry whomever they wanted….even their knights.

“Bryn, are you ready?” Valmont called from the living room.

“In a minute.” She ran a brush through her hair and smiled at her reflection. “Ready or not, here I come.”