The Rage: Hell's Disciples MC 3(9)

By: Jaci J


Eye fucked


The brothers stare at her. Fuck, do they stare at her. Their greedy eyes are all over that perfect body of hers and I can’t blame them. I’ve spent my evening drooling over her like a twelve year old boy with a raging hard-on as I creep around and watch her.

I can’t stop thinking about fucking her all over this motherfucking place while I sit here and watch every move she makes. I’m here thinking of all the nasty shit I’d like to do to her.

I wanna fuck her bent over the pool table. I wanna fuck her on my bike. I want those long legs wrapped around my waist as she bounces up and down on my dick. I want to spread her out on the bar and bury my face between her thighs.

So yeah, I’ve lost my motherfucking mind, not that I ever had it to begin with.

I know why the brothers fucking stare. I get why they approach her. I know they want a taste of something sweet. They want the same motherfucking thing I do. They’re all looking for something new, and she’s fresh, unclaimed pussy to them. The guys circle around her like a bunch of sharks, but if anyone is gonna fuck that girl, it’s gonna be me. I’m going to be like that. I’m calling dibs on that pussy, and that pussy will be mine.


I would have thought just by the looks of her, she would end up being a stuck up bitch. Shit, she looks like the hot ass girl next door; Prom queen, cheerleader type of bitch. All she needs is a tiara on her goddamn head and she’d look like a fucking princess. Figured she’d have her nose in the air, entitlement in her voice, money in her veins, and an attitude to rival any of these bitches here, but fuck, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

She’s soft spoken, voice calm and soft when she speaks. She’s sweet. Fuck, I find I’m relaxed around her because she’s so easygoing. She sits with all of us motherfuckers like an old pro, like she’s been here all her fucking life.

Lala’s not nearly as wild as Lil, Cali, or Peaches, but she seems to hold her own with these bitches. She jokes and laughs with them, keeping up with the shit they throw her way. The old ladies seem to like her, and those bitches don’t like just anyone.

The girls and the brothers give her shit, and she gives it right back to them. It’s a little fucking scary how well she fits in. She takes it all in stride. She smiles and laughs off the nasty shit that comes out of our mouths, and doesn’t seem scared of us. There’s something to be said for a bitch that can hold her own with us. Bitches like her are few and far between; You’re a rare breed when you can handle us.

With so many people vying for her attention, she hasn’t talked much to me, but from time to time, she makes an effort to find me and give me her beautiful smile. I know she’s looking for me and I’m not gonna lie, that shit makes me actually smile, and I do not fucking smile. You may get a grin from me, but this bitch has me showing a genuine fucking smile.

She also doesn’t venture too far from me. King has been begging her to go for a ride with him, but I’ll be damned if she’s leaving with him. I will kill King before he gets her on the back of his bike. I laid claim to that shit in my head, and he is not fucking claiming what’s mine unless he wants to end up dead.

I sit on one of the couches, watching her. Why? Because I’m fucking stupid, that’s why. Men like me have no business sticking our dicks in bitches like that, or even have a bitch like that, but it doesn’t mean we don’t want to or won’t try. She’s a woman bastards like me work their entire lives for, only to be shot the fuck down. But still, we try. We’re sick, sad fucks that way, working for a bitch we’ll never get.

Tank takes the chair next to me and takes a long pull from his beer. Crush sits his ass down next to him. “Fuckin’ hot, right?” Tank grumbles, never taking his eyes off his beer.

“The fuck you on ‘bout?”

“Lailah. She’s hot as fuck, right?”

“Fuck yeah she is. She’s so fuckin’ hot I’d slap my patch on her ass ‘n ride her home,” Crush adds.

Nodding, I glance over my shoulder at her and she catches me. She does that shit every time. No matter how fucking careful I am, she knows. I watch her lick her lips and my dick twitches painfully. She’s playing dirty.

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