The Rage: Hell's Disciples MC 3(8)

By: Jaci J

“Who’s the beauty queen?” The man asks Rampage, but he keeps his eyes firmly planted on me. “Lala, but she ain’t here for you.”

The man just ignores him and smiles at me as he sets down the bottles and offers me his large, dirty hand. Placing my hand in his, he gives it a firm shake, “Names Tags, pretty lady, and you’re Lala, huh?”

Shrugging I say, “I guess I am today.”

Rampage throws back a swig of the bottle and gives me a sideways glance, “She sure the fuck is.”

“Well, pretty Lala. You need anything, you find me,” I offer him a smile and a nod in return.

Time goes by as Rampage and I sit at the bar. Tags keeps the conversations going and the drinks flowing. I like Tags. He’s friendly and really easy to talk to. Rampage, on the other hand, chats very little. His communication skills consists of short sentences, and his answers are even shorter. However, he does continue to pass his bottle of rum to me occasionally, and I take small drinks, pacing myself.

Just as I slide the bottle back to Rampage, I feel a wall of bodies come up behind us. They clearly do not know the definition of personal space because they are so close I can smell the booze, smoke, and sweat coming off their bodies. Instantly I feel a little overwhelmed and nervous. I’m completely uncomfortable with people I don’t know so close to me. I turn to see four giant, mean looking men push into me, crowding me into the bar. Okay, nervousness aside, I now know that they truly breed handsome giants here.

One leans himself against me as he reaches for the bottle in front of me. His leather vest rubs on my back and arm, feeling smooth and worn on my skin. I can feel the denim of his jeans on my lower back.

“Damn baby, you smell so fuckin’ good,” he groans in my ear as he blatantly rubs on me. Oh shit.

Rampage gives him a lethal look, but doesn’t say anything. The guy doesn’t care because he pushes into me further and grins bigger. I’m frozen to my seat, not sure how to handle this. This one is pretty large, not as big as Rampage, but big enough. I’m really starting to panic now.

“She claimed pussy?” he asks loudly, looking around the room for takers.

I feel my eyes bug out of my head, mouth damn near hitting the bar top. Claimed pussy? This is the second time I’ve been called “Pussy” and it’s starting to really piss me off. What does this Neanderthal think he’s gonna do if no one claims this “Pussy?” Club me over the head and drag me to his cave? I down another shot for courage, readying myself to head for the door when I hear, “Fuck yeah, she is. She’s mine,” Lilly announces as she walks into the room holding Ty.

Thank you, Jesus.

“Lailah! You came!” Wrapping an arm around me, she hugs me to her. I’ve never been so happy to see anyone in my life.

The guy who was pressed into me backs up and grumbles, “Sis, why the fuck you get ‘em all? Shit ain’t even fair. Rampage and Tags has hogged her ass up since she got here, and now you ‘n Tank get her tonight?” Shaking his head, he sighs dramatically and takes Ty from her, “We need new pussy in this motherfucker.”

Lilly laughs and waves him off, “Shut the fuck up, Crush. New or old pussy, since when do you care?”

He throws his head back and laughs, “Got a good point, babe.”


I finally feel calmer now that Lilly is here. Ever since she and her son came into the room, the guys seem a little less rowdy and the slutty girls, or as I have now learned are called ‘gash,’ have made themselves scarce. Once I actually begin having conversations with the guys, I find they aren’t as bad I would have thought. They’re friendly, sometimes overtly so. They’re funny as hell and loud. With Lilly here, it’s easier to just sit back and enjoy what’s going on around me now that my discomfort level has lessened considerably with each passing hour I spend here. It’s certainly not the scariest party I’ve ever been to. It started out with me feeling a bit intimidated, but no one has done anything too crazy, at least not yet.

Rampage hangs back, but he never seems to be too far away. I find myself relaxing and having a good time with everyone as a sort of comfort overcomes me. There is an air of safety here, like a fort, and I think I like it here.