The Rage: Hell's Disciples MC 3(3)

By: Jaci J

“Okay, Rampage, I want you to listen. I think it’s time, and I have this friend…” she starts up her shit again. I’m gonna strangle her, and she knows it’s not fucking happening.

“Not fuckin’ interested,” I tell her.

She groans and smacks the back of my head, “Just hear me out. She’s gorgeous, sweet but strong, and I worry about you being alone. You need an old lady, not nasty gash.” Lil is like a sister, and just like a sister, she’s trying to marry my ass off. What a pain in the ass.

“Sis, I told you I’m not lookin’. I get pussy daily ‘n I don’t have to marry ‘em to fuck ‘em. Lay off it now, will ya.”

She laughs and shrugs her shoulder, giving me a nasty fucking smirk. She thinks she’s right, “You’re gonna eat your words once you see her, but whatever you say.”

It’s not fucking likely.


It’s been a long fucking week. A run to Montana took longer than expected, but I’m a few miles from home and I couldn’t be more ready to chill the fuck out. Don’t get me wrong, I love riding. I live for the road and the freedom. It’s my calling… encoded into my DNA, pumping through my veins, but sometimes shit gets a little much.

This last run was a total fuck up. I spent half the time soaked to the bone from so much fucking rain, got shot at twice, and the club I stopped through had no fresh pussy. Being stuck in someone else’s club with a bunch of fucking dudes is not cool. It was a goddamn sausage fest, and now I’m heading home to my club, which I’m happy as fuck about.

I’ve been doing this shit for twelve years. Been in this life since the moment I came screaming into the world thirty years ago ‘cause Mom was a club whore. She may not have been an old lady, but that shit never really mattered. She was always at the club until my Pops decided it was up to him to end her life.

I was a snot nosed little shit, spending most of my time running around this place and other clubs with Mom. Pops spent the majority of his time on the road, running shit for the club. When he was around, he was always drunk, beating the shit out my mom. When I was sixteen, he strangled mom to death. I don’t know why he did it, but he was a piece of shit. He killed her, but I ended that asshole very soon after. When I found him drunk and passed out by her dead body, I fucking snapped. I made sure he was wide awake to see me put that bullet into his fucking head. My mom was a broken person, no doubt about it, but we took care of each other, and we were all the other had.

I buried my mom and killed my dad, ending their vicious cycle. I picked up and moved the fuck on with my young life, trying to make something out of myself the best way I knew how. I haven’t loved anybody like my mom since then, doubt I ever will. The only thing that comes close is my love for my club. I’m not even sure if love is the word I’d use, but I sure fuckin’ like it.

My loyalty is for my club and my love is for the road. That’s it. I have no family or friends outside the club. It’s this club and it’s people that are the only ties I have to this world.

I’ve been a patched member since the day I turned eighteen. I spent two years before becoming a member hanging around, doing shit for the brothers until I was old enough to prospect. Once I made prospect, I was five months in when I killed an asshole for a brother. I was patched in the next day. The rest is history.

Joining the club has been the only right decision I’ve made in life for me, no matter how anyone else sees it. Not a whole lot in my life matters to me, but this club is my fucking heart. I don’t want a family. Don’t want kids. Don’t want a wife. This is all I want in life. I eat, sleep, and breathe club life. That’s me, plain and simple.


A few hours later we’re all kicking back, having drinks and relaxing. It’s a Wednesday evening get together, and it’s off to a rowdy start. I’ve had to break up a fight, boot a few unwelcome assholes the fuck out of the club, and kicked Stitch’s ass in the ring. He’s nursing a busted nose and maybe some broken ribs, while I’m sporting a nice little cut along my cheekbone, but as of right now, shit is good.